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Halloween is approaching, and the time to come up with the best costume is running out!

But if you’re artistically inclined, well, that opens up a whole new world for you!

Video: Kim Kardashian Blasts Kourtney & Khloe For Looking Like ‘Clowns’

You know, like when Kim Kardashian West got the Princess Jasmine treatment thanks to YouTuber Kandee Johnson (below)! Or when the momma of three turned into a chiseled skeleton (above)!

It’s crazy how just a touch of makeup can really make your look! So, ch-ch-check out some of the best for your All Hallows Eve inspo!

Beauty vlogger Nicol Concilio is the perfect model for Alex Faction‘s contoured skeleton:

And you have to see this masterpiece Alex also killed:

Interesting in another crazy transformation?? NikkieTutorials will have you SHOOK!

Or you can ch-ch-check out Chrisspy‘s very dead makeover:

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🎃 Halloween Season is upon us, click the link in my bio to watch my spooky Llorona video!!! . 🎃 Also! ☝️ I’m partnering with Urban Decay to give you a chance to win $500 worth of UD product so you can create a Halloween look that’ll leave ‘em scurry this year 💀🖤 Here’s how to enter: Make sure you’re following me (@Chrisspy… duh) and @UrbanDecayCosmetics Like this photo Comment below including the words “Sweepstakes Entry” and #UDHalloween and tag your bestie The final link for the rules for my Halloween Sweeps is in my stories! Good luck! 😘 UPDATE- – – . Congrats to the winner @littlestrongmoon !! And thank you to everyone who entered 💙💙💙💙 🎥 @askyeff #chrisspy #halloween #halloweenmakeup #llorona #urbandecay

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Looking to impress more than frighten? Well, let Romanie-Jade Tulloch spill the tea and show you how it’s done:

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TIME FOR TEA☕️ – This is #MAKEUP – TAG A FRIEND WHO LOVES A CUPPA☕️💬 – Thought I’d post the close up image of yesterday’s look so you can see all of the little details 🔍🔍🔍- MAKEUP DEETS- @anastasiabeverlyhills soft glam palette @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow pomade in black and dark brown @officialsnazaroo white clown face paint @revolutionpro black pigment gel Tea pot from the kitchen ha – makeupmafia #makeuptutorial #makeupvideos #morphebrushes #nyxcosmetics_uk #sigma #sigmabeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #norvina #browsonfleek #maryhadalittleglam #hypnaughtymakeup #morphebrushes #makeupartistsworldwide #makeupmobb #jcatbeauty #flawlessdolls #littlepillsofmakeup #melaninbeautiesunite #100daysofmakeup #nyxcosmetics #slaymakeup #illusion #illusionmakeup @makeupcertified @brian_champagne @norvina #viral @shophudabeauty @makeupartists_worldwide #norvina @covergirl #viral #bbdaretoshare

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If you really want to go ALL out though, Corie Willet‘s dissected Barbie is I-N-S-A-N-E:

Terrifying pumpkin more your style? Recreating Lola von Esche‘s look (below) will definitely give any Halloween passers by nightmares!

Or you could ask Argenis Pinal why he’s so serious??

Heather Moorhouse channels those lost at sea with her haunting aquatic look:

<path d="M556.869,30.41" c554.814,30.41 553.148,32.076 553.148,34.131 c553.148,36.186 554.814,37.852 556.869,37.852 c558.924,37.852 560.59,36.186 560.59,34.131 c560.59,32.076 558.924,30.41 556.869,30.41 m541,60.657 c535.114,60.657 530.342,55.887 530.342,50 c530.342,44.114 535.114,39.342 541,39.342 c546.887,39.342 551.658,44.114 551.658,50 c551.658,55.887 546.887,60.657 541,60.657 m541,33.886 c532.1,33.886 524.886,41.1 524.886,50 c524.886,58.899 532.1,66.113 541,66.113 c549.9,66.113 557.115,58.899 557.115,50 c557.115,41.1 549.9,33.886 541,33.886 m565.378,62.101 c565.244,65.022 564.756,66.606 564.346,67.663 c563.803,69.06 563.154,70.057 562.106,71.106 c561.058,72.155 560.06,72.803 558.662,73.347 c557.607,73.757 556.021,74.244 553.102,74.378 c549.944,74.521 548.997,74.552 541,74.552 c533.003,74.552 532.056,74.521 528.898,74.378 c525.979,74.244 524.393,73.757 523.338,73.347 c521.94,72.803 520.942,72.155 519.894,71.106 c518.846,70.057 518.197,69.06 517.654,67.663 c517.244,66.606 516.755,65.022 516.623,62.101 c516.479,58.943 516.448,57.996 516.448,50 c516.448,42.003 516.479,41.056 516.623,37.899 c516.755,34.978 517.244,33.391 517.654,3

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