These 9 incredible photos will feed your wanderlust — and help the planet.


Travel has the incredible power to push us outside our bubbles and change our lives for the better.

Thats what inspired photographer Morgane J.A. founder of the nonprofit Lumire, which uses artistic projects to raise money for charities to start collecting images from her travels in a book, aptly titled “Travellers.”

When you travel, you go outside your comfort zone, you experience more, you live more, she explained over email.

The book features photos from people Morgane has met on her travels and showcases the power and importance not just of traveling, but of storytelling too. It’s a celebration of the effect travel can have in broadening horizons and expanding worldviews.

Here are just some of the amazing destinations Morgane and her explorer friends have visited that you can find in the book:

1. Photographer Mathis Dumas climbed the Dolomites in Italy for this breathtaking view.

2. This surreal sand boat was captured by explorer Victor Habchy at Burning Man.

3. As was this lonely bike rider in a dust cloud.

4. Photographer Morgan Maassen captured another photographer diving beneath the waves in Teahupo’o, Tahiti.

5. Explorer George Turner captured the rugged landscape on Isle of Skye.

6. This breathtaking view of Engadin, Switzerland, was spotted by photographer Aida Mark.

7. In Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, photographer Daniel Ernst caught a quiet moment.

8. And in Yosemite National Park, adventurer Morgan Phillips captured a shot of this solitary figure looking out over Taft Point.

The mission of the Lumire projects and the “Travellers” book is to “spread light” which Morgane defines as giving something of yourself to grow as a person.

This is the goal of this project, to bring something positive, some light, while helping a good cause and spreading more light, she wrote.

An issue near and dear to Morgane is the conservation of nature and wildlife. She hopes that by sharing these amazing destinations and encouraging others to help, we can conserve these amazing places for future generations to visit.

The protection of the environment should be one of our main focus as it impacts all of us, she said, which is why she has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund and will be donating the book’s proceeds to the charity.

So, get inspired! Go out, explore, and learn something about yourself and the world. Start your next adventure. There’s no better time than now.

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