These 12 gorgeous photos of couples celebrate the magical of love across race, gender, age, and size.


When it comes to weddings, Carly Romeo has watched it all.

Between her gigs as a bridal photographer and planning her own wedding ceremony, she’s noticed something:

The average wedding publication doesn’t reflect the diversity of what couples actually look like. At all .

Carly with her partner, Travis, on their love party day. Photo by PJ Sykes.

Which is why Carly teamed up with self-described “progressive bridal coordinator” Liz Susong to launch Catalyst Wedding Magazine. Tired of all the focus on spending a ton of fund or losing weight for The Dress, they decided to make a different wedding publication entirely.

They wanted to create a publication which places emphasis on love and celebrating that love in ways that are as unique as every couple.

Catalyst aims to feature beautiful imagery while remaining true to its mission of reflecting the people that the bridal industry is actually serving.

And it definitely delivers. Check out these gorgeous photos of loving couples in an upcoming issue :

1. Elaine and Vikas had a hybrid Hindu bridal that reflected both of their cultures.

All photos used with permission. Photo by Rebecca Caridad.

2. Sarah-Jean and Kent got hitched in a small, intimate courthouse and Irish saloon gala with their closest family and friends.

Photo by Brandi Potter Photography.

3. After 30 years together, Annie and Janice eventually got to tie the knot in a ceremony at their home.

Photo by Erika Nizborski.

4. Alexa and Stephen fell in love after working together at a Virginia Beach Ruby Tuesday.

Photo by Imani Fine Art Photography.

5. Jazmin and Ben displayed their love of beer and baseball with brewery tours and a food truck at their bridal.

Photo by From the Hip Atlanta.

6. Crystal and Jayleen celebrated their love with a wintertime wedding in Amish country.

Photo by Two Spoons Photography.

7. Stephanie and Felipe had their reception first, celebrating before a sweet backyard ceremony.

Photo by Hidden Exposure Photography.

8. Chicagoans Alissa and Bethany traveled to L.A. for an engagement shoot in the Arts District.

Photo by Elmer Escobar Photography.

9. Maria and Lisa got hitched soon after wedding equality came to Illinois, holding a backyard ceremony with friends and family.

Photo by Oriana Koren.

10. John and Matt surprised their guests when they revealed their goodbye party was actually a wedding.

Photo by Pangtography.

11. Katie and Albert didn’t need to get married to celebrate their love and commitment publicly.

Like what you ensure? Order your own copy of Catalyst Wedding Magazine( and preorder the second issue !).

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