There’s A Theory That Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Are Just Filming A Music Video


Initially, when the first pictures of T Swift and Hiddleston emerged, it came as a shock to most people. But it didn’t stop there. All of a sudden, they were already meeting the parents, going on city breaks and… sorry to repeat myself but meeting the parents. After like a week.

Some people are just happy for them, which is nice. Other people tried to figure out what could possibly be behind the show-mance.

Is it Tom trying to show how much of a ladies man he is, because he wants to be Bond?Does Taylor want to be a Bond girl? Does she just want to piss her ex Calvin off? Or is it all just for PR?

Hiddleston’s recent outing in an ‘I heart T.S’ t shirt seems to have been the final push to make people question the whole thing.

One writer for E! online has a new theory; they’re filming for a music video. And it turns out she’s not the first to think this.

Here’s why:

Exhibit A: The timing of the whirlwind romance fits in with her usual album schedule. She typically releases a single in the summer, before releasing the whole album later in the year. In August 2014 she released the classic T Swizzle song ‘Shake It Off’ and then the whole 1989 album was in our hands by November.

ExhibitB: The paparazzi shots are not onlytoo perfect, they’re also pretty much all from the same photo agency. There are suspiciously well timed and angled shots of the pair canoodling on a rock, having romantic dinners, meeting each other’s parents. Of course, this could be a coincidence – but I would also like to point out that none of them are ugly either, which makes me think someone is going through them and picking out the ones with double chins or resting bitch face.

Exhibit C: Everyone is predicting that Hiddleston will be nominated for an Emmy following his performance in The Night Manager,which would mean maximised publicity for both of them if the single and/or video drop at this time. It also means they can do the whole celeb power couple thing at the event, which works for both of them.

Exhibit D: Lots of little things that don’t quite add up, according to fans. Some are suspicious because the pair flew on Taylor’s private jet to Rome. I mean, us mere mortals who don’t own jets probably can’t understand the ettiquette when it comes to dating when you’re both hella rich, but fans are pointing out that Taylor did foot the bill for this flight – so he could be the leading man in her music video.

They also point out that she wore heels to look around the Colosseum in Rome. Who does that? (Someone who’s filming a music video.)

Exhibit E: Everything they do looks like something out a movie. Let’s be honest with ourselves here. Their first outing? An aesthetically sea-side stroll.

And thenlets bear in mind that the first picture of their romantic date, and a sweet moment when Hiddleston kissed her hand wasn’t captured very well:

So they had another go in a an open space on a romantic date in Rome, where paparazzi just happened to be able to get the perfect shot:

And, there’s also this:

And let’s not forget the fact Tom is wearing an ‘I heart T.S’ vest in this picture. Oh, and that the pair were in the sea with a large group of other celebrities. You know, just casually frolicking with Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Ruby Rose, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Well, there we go. There’s the evidence.

Alternatively, they could just really be having a celebritywhirlwind romance that us commoners don’t understand – and we should all be happy for them and clap when they get married and have babies.

Shall we just assume they’re in love and hope for the best? Good.

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