There Is A Petition To Get Alex From’ The Undateables’ To Present’ Top Gear’

If you watched any of the last series of’ The Undatables’, you will definitely remember Alex. You actually can’t forget a mustache like his .

The 21 -year-old student based in Kent took much delight in telling the camera crew and the people at home all about his love for autoes, specifically the “Bugatti Veyron Supersport, top speed 268 miles per hour , nought to sixty two phase five seconds, ” and the people loved him.

And after reports of Chris Evans’ failing attempts to film the new series of Top Gear, Alex could be just what the reveal needs.

With his luscious locks, endless charm and very serious mustache, it’s almost a shock that this didn’t happen sooner. A petition has been started to encourage the head honcho at BBC to replace Chris Evans’ with Alex.

One fan commented on the petition, saying: “Alex has a natural talent and such charisma. And a million times nicer and entertaining than Jeremy Clarkson! I’d love to watch him every week.”

Another said, very simply “Alex is a ledge.”

A ledge, indeed. The petition doesn’t have many signatures yet, but we imagine that the person or persons will rally. Top Gear is a very important issue in these times.This week’s show caught up with Alex and his now girlfriend Eloise as they took their first holiday together to France, where Alex of course bossed it on a segway!

You can sign the petition here .

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