The Sopranos’ Annabella Sciorra Says Harvey Weinstein Invaded Her Apartment And Raped Her


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Farrow says he approached Sciorra for the first article based on what some sources had told him, but she denied anything had happened. Even twenty-five years later she was still terrified of what he would do.

But after the article came out and all the subsequent allegations, she knew she had to come forward with her truth — she says Harvey raped her.

After starring in The Night We Never Met for Miramax, Sciorra says she was always at events and screenings for the studio. Then one dinner changed everything:

While she was filming The Innocent Sleep in London, Harvey called and sent cars to pick her up — once even showing up himself and pounding on her door.

“For nights after, I couldn’t sleep. I piled furniture in front of the door, like in the movies.”

She says she got young producer Matthew Vaughn to secretly move her to another hotel. Vaughn (who went on to direct the Kingsman films) confirmed as much.

In 1997, Sciorra starred in Copland, which Miramax produced. She went with the film to

Unfortunately, no one did anything:

“And it didn’t matter. I think that it doesn’t matter if you’re a well-known actress, it doesn’t matter if you’re twenty or if you’re forty, it doesn’t matter if you report or if you don’t, because we are not believed. We are more than not believed—we are berated and criticized and blamed.”

Sciorra agrees. She told Farrow this victim blaming was the final straw in coming forward. After she saw how Asia Argento was being treated in the Italian press, she was incensed — especially when commentators were asking if Asia’s experience even “qualified” as rape. She says she thought to herself:

“O.K., you want rape? Here’s fucking rape.”

Sciorra has a message for those who think she or other actresses would make something like this up for publicity:

“Now when I go to a restaurant or to an event, people are going to know that this happened to me. They’re gonna look at me and they’re gonna know. I’m an intensely private person, and this is the most unprivate thing you can do.”

When we see her, we’re going to think about her courage.

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/FayesVision.WENN.]

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