The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians


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The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians

Ugh, the Kardashians are the worst, am I right? No, I’m not right. In fact, if you did agree with that, I have some bad news — you’re the worst. If you’re wondering why I say that, you can hear all about it on this week’s Unpopular Opinion podcast …

… where I’m joined by comics Maria Shehata and Griff Pippin. Or you can read all about it in this column right now. Let’s get to it, you monsters. Here are a few reasons set out above it’s time to stop being shitty to the Kardashians.

# 5. We Scapegoat Them For Things We’re All Guilty Of

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians

Sure, you know a lot of people detest the Kardashians. There’s a good chance you detest them as well. Do you know why, though? If not, let me be the first to violate the bad news — It’s because you detest yourself.

Seriously, hear me out, you self-loathing bastards. No matter what specific and ultimately petty reason you may dedicate for your unrelenting disgust, it genuinely simply boils down to the fact that the Kardashians are, at least in terms of the things they’re disliked for, a reflection of the world we live in. They’re obsessed with material possessions, they want attention for doing nothing special, they’re deluded enough to think people actually care about the mundane details of their life … the list goes on.

Now, look at that list again. Does anything about it seem familiar? Is it at all reminiscent of something you insure on a regular basis? Like every Facebook page on countries around the world, perhaps? Be it buying a new vehicle, adopting a new pet, or coming down with a minor illness, if it’s happening to you, chances are you’ll take to social media and tell your “followers” about it. And guess what? With the possible exception of immediate family or close friends , no one dedicates a shit about what you’re up to either.

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians

Oh, neat, you know who else has a foot? Almost everyone .

The only thing more vexing than your incessant posts about the cute things you and your significant other do as a couple is the constant stream of posts from people complaining about how they don’t want their timeline flooded with details about your relationship. That’s just what we do now. Every detailed descriptions of our existence gets posted online for public consumption, and at every step of the route, we feign people actually care, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. We know it’s sad, we know it’s desperate, and we do it anyway.

Or, for another example, take the constant criticism Kim Kardashian( and almost every other female celebrity) gets when we was discovered that a image we’ve seen in a magazine or online was tweaked to construct her looking slightly more attractive. Why can’t they just be happy with their natural beauty? I can’t answer that, but I can tell you that Instagram filters wouldn’t exist if that was a thing any of us truly cared about. Employing technology to pretty up our online image is such a common thing we had to devise a hashtag specifically to warn others when we post a image that hasn’t been altered.


The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians #NoFilter

How is any of this at all different from what we assert induces the Kardashians so awful? It’s not, but hating that family has become a quasi religion, and specific comments sections and social media feeds where people post their complaints are the church. No one goes there because they believe the words they’re telling or the messages they’re spreading, they run because doing so induces them feel like they’re somehow better than those they look down on, even though they perpetrate the exact same sins on a daily basis.


# 4. Lamar Odom Proves We’re Incapable Of Viewing Them As Human

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians

If you’re wondering what inspired me to write about the Kardashians this week, look no further than Lamar Odom. To give you some quick background info, he’s the former NBA star who married Khloe Kardashian. After appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians together several times, he and Khloe starred in their own spinoff reveal, the aptly named Khloe& Lamar . After they separated, his life spiraled out of control, culminating in him falling into a coma and virtually succumbing after spending an( allegedly) drug-fueled three days in a Nevada brothel.

It was one of the saddest possible outcomes, and the route the public reacted in the working day after the tale transgressed constructed it significantly sadder. As one is looking forward to, the Kardashians were mentioned in pretty much every write-up about the misfortune. If there’s ever been a moment when calling a ceasefire on lunging hate and indignation in that family’s direction, this was it. That didn’t happen, of course. Instead, things devolved into a chorus of enraged outsiders questioning why the Kardashians deserved to be mentioned at all.

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians And how come they’re always photobombing his pictures ?

I’ll just say this as patently as is practicable — that’s a stupid fucking question. For starters, if you know anything at all about Lamar Odom’s history, you know the Kardashians are the closest thing to a real family that man has ever had. His father was a mostly absent heroin addict, and his mother died of colon cancer when he was 12 years old, leaving the job of creating him to his grandmother. You shouldn’t be mad that the Kardashians get mentioned whenever Lamar Odom’s tragic downfall is written about, you should be happy that, after 30 -plus years on this planet, he somehow ended up surrounded by a huge group of people who, from everything I’ve ensure, accepted and treated him like he was part of an actual family.


Even if none of that was true, Khloe Kardashian is still his wife. If it bothered you that she was the one who got the final say in how his medical treatment progressed, I’d love to know who you think should have been doing it instead. His develop wreck of a dad? His long dead mom? Byron Scott? By all means, tell me who makes a better point person in that situation than his wife. They’ve been separated for a while, but you don’t simply immediately stop caring or caring about a person because a relationship doesn’t work.

See, that’s the entire problem, though. We don’t insure the Kardashians as people. We insure them as a soulless entity that exists for no other reason than to make money, take selfies, and get famous. They don’t have cares, they don’t have worries, and they sure as shit don’t have feelings or emotions.

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians What are you, some kind of wax statue ?

They are subhuman monsters who deserve zero respect or compassion in any situation, even when they’re rallying around a man who urgently requires someone to be there for him.

So, naturally, when the family did assemble to be by his side, it turned into a huge disagreement. That was fueled in big portion by a rumor that, when they arrived, they had a camera crew in tow to document Lamar Odom’s impending death on their reality reveal like the notoriety whores that they are. This myth was debunked almost as quick as it surfaced, but that doesn’t entail all the narratives claiming it happened were taken down. At best, some sites updated their narratives with a one line correction route at the end that made it clear the rumor was bullshit, but a lot of sites simply left the tale up, totally devoid of updates.

Even worse, a lot of sites took the situation as an opportunity to further drive home the point that the Kardashian girls are life destroyers who curse every man they touch, as seen in this article about famous men who were “ruined” by gratifying them.

When I insured that headline, my very first thought was, “Goddammit, OJ Simpson better not be on that list.” No such luck.

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians Stop it .

Yep, you read that right, ladies and gentlemen — the Kardashian girls ruined OJ. Granted, his association with them centered largely around Robert Kardashian successfully maintaining him out of prison after he was accused killing Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, but since when do we let facts or rational thinking get in the way of a chance to shit on the most disliked family in America?

Far and away the most egregious response to the situation came from Dennis Hof, the owner of the Love Ranch, the brothel where Lamar Odom was detected near death. When the Kardashians asked him to hold off on talking to the media until they at least had the opportunity to get all the details, he came back with a simple reply: “Go to Hell.”

Fucking what? Who answers like that to the family of a man who virtually died in your place of business ? The only thing more disgusting than what he said is the fact that when the tale “re coming out”, almost no one batted an eyelash upon hearing about it. They’re the Kardashians, after all. What’s he supposed to do … treat them with dignity or respect?


# 3. Their Entire Family History Is Rooted In Persecution

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians

Run the phrase “Kardashian family tree” through your Google machine and it will largely likely produce an image proving their pedigree starting with Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner, which is perfectly understandable, I suppose, provided you’re simply use it to supplement a lazy blogspam post on your shitty rumor site that only garbage people read.

Unfortunately, I have my distrusts that it’s also an accurate the representatives from where a lot of people presume the Kardashian family story begins. As if Robert Kardashian fell from the sky carrying a container of fund, landed on Kris Jenner, and the resulting explosion created an unstoppable empire of wealth and celebrity that continues to thrive to this day. I’ll admit that would be pretty damn neat if it was true, but there’s more to their history than that, and it’s every bit as interesting.

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians As you can probably already tell from this detailed breakdown .

The Kardashians’ great grandparents came to America in 1915 after narrowly escaping an unpleasant moment in history known as the Armenian Genocide, which was exactly what the name suggests. The Ottoman government, in what is now known as Turkey, instituted an extermination program that’s estimated to have resulted in the deaths of anywhere from 800,000 to 1.5 million Armenians. Why? Religion, of course!

Well, kind of. In 1912, after being defeated in the first Balkan War, the Ottoman Empire collapsed, resulting in the loss of 85 percent of the territory it occupied. The empire’s Muslim leadership, known as the Three Pashas, insured relocating the remaining population to Anatolia, an area sometimes referred to as Asia Minor, which induces up most of the land in the present-day Republic of Turkey, as their only viable option. At the time, the area was occupied largely by Armenians, the majority of members of whom were Apostolic, Catholic, or Protestant.

Eventually, it was decided that the they had to go. A propaganda campaign was undertaken to construct the minority Armenian population appear to be a threat to the safety of the ruling Muslim government. In a few short years, that intensified into a full-on genocide, with able-bodied males being executed or forced to work themselves to death in labor camps in one wave shortly before World War I, and the remaining population death marched into the Syrian desert shortly thereafter.

Of course, that’s various kinds of simply the story of how there came to be so many Armenian communities around the world …

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians Shout out to Glendale !

… but you won’t be at all surprised were told that the Kardashian version is a little more Hollywood-esque than most. As legend has it, the family belonged to a group known as the Molokans, a Christian sect that repudiated conformity and orthodoxy in religion. If you wanted to build a temple to worship in, you could do that. If you’d prefer to do it at home in front of the early-1 900 s version of a box fan and pray from the comfort of your sofa, so be it. Get this … they even ingested dairy products during Christian fasts.

The Kardashians fled at the urging of a man named Efim Klubnikin, who wrote a prophecy at persons under the age of 12 warns that the group would need to flee to America soon, and then indicated up as an elder to let everyone know the prophecy was about to come true. Under his leadership, a group of about 2,000 Molokans, known as Jumpers, fled to America, with a large majority settling in the Los Angeles area.

Sounds crazy, but fleeing when they did , no matter what the reason, spared the Kardashians’ ancestors the horrors of not only the Armenian Genocide but also the entirety of World War I and the Russian Revolution of 1917.

So, if you find yourself consistently seething with fury over how easy of a life the Kardashians have it, take heart in knowing it wasn’t always that route. Historically speaking, they’ve had to deal with some shit, and it’s not like they landed in the United States and immediately started cranking out sexuality videotapes and smartphone apps, you know?

# 2. We Paved The Way For Them To Become Famous For “Doing Nothing”

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians

When the advice of the elder Kardashians’ wacky spiritual adviser( who was totally right, by the way) landed them in America, one of their first business ventures was an almost certainly not glamorous garbage truck service. Robert Kardashian’s father owned a meat-packing business.

Hey, speaking of that, how much do you know about the father whose fund the Kardashian children sometimes get accused of living off of to fund their lavish lifestyle? Any notion how he made his fund? If you said “lawyer, ” not really. Before the trial that constructed him famous …

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians And ruined OJ by introducing him to the Kardashian girls .

… Robert Kardashian hadn’t practiced statute for 20 years. His first real success in the business world came in 1973 where reference is and a few partners founded printed publications cleverly titled Radio& Records, which , no astonish here, maintained way of what records were being played and other radio-related information. When they sold it, he made$ 3 million in 1979 fund. That’s a decent sum, but it’s probably not what you envision when “youre thinking about” “Kardashian money.” From there he invested in various other ventures and whatnot, but nothing to bother his Wikipedia page about.

Had it not been for his decision to be a part of OJ Simpson’s legal team, something he did for no other reason than because the two had been good friends for years, there’s a decent opportunity we’d have no idea who the Kardashians are to this day. That this decision constructed Robert Kardashian comparatively famous is no one’s faulting but our own. Coverage of that trial didn’t draw record numbers of viewers for nothing. It was the first time we’d ever gotten such an inside look at the personal life of a huge celebrity, and Kim Kardashian’s dad just happened to be one of the cast members in that reality-show circus of a trial.
OJ did this .

It wasn’t dad’s money that constructed the Kardashian empire as we know it today possible, it was the celebrity status we attached to his last name as a result of our voyeuristic fascination with turning a genuine misfortune into televised entertainment. Without that, the fact that Kim Kardashian eventually had sexuality with Ray J on video probably wouldn’t have even registered as news.

I’m not a religious person, but sometimes it genuinely does seem like karma might be a real thing.


# 1. “What Does She Do? ” Is An Easy Topic To Answer

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians

Now, don’t take everything I said about the Kardashians benefiting more from their father’s notoriety than his fund to mean that I’m implying they had zero help in that department. Way before the sexuality videotapes and reality displays, Kim Kardashian started and ran various business( eBay stores, closet organizing, etc .), money largely by fund she got from her father. Here’s the thing, though: He didn’t simply dedicate her the money. He loaned it to her, with the stipulation that she pay him back with interest. That he was able to do that surely gave her a leg up in the world, but it’s also something she could have just as easily accomplished by going to a bank.

If her father’s fiscal success played any role in her current fortune, it probably had a lot more to do with him teaching her the value of using the money you have to construct more fund, which is precisely what he did for himself by dedicating her that loan. With all that in intellect, think about the few non-image related compliments people sometimes begrudgingly offer up about Kim Kardashian. She’s smart. She knows how to run a business. We’re talking about a woman who made an estimated $28 million last year, most of it coming from the various business ventures she’s launched as a means of monetizing her fame.

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians Available now !

How to spot a potentially profitable investment possibility is an instinct she likely picked up from her father, and it’s something she’d probably be doing even if she never became famous. That people would watch if she made a media sight out of her everyday life, however, is something she learned from us. We’re the ones who showed her that people will pay attention to you if they like you, and that even more people will pay attention if they detest you. That the public’s fascination with the OJ trial turned her dad into a famous person just for going to work proved that decades ago, and we demonstrate it’s still true to this day every time her reality show is renewed for another season.

If you’re the type who sees the name Kim Kardashian and immediately tries out the first face you can scream “What does she even do? ” at …

The Real Reason Everyone Detests The Kardashians “Tell me! ”

… eventually you must realize that you’re the answer to your own question. In her most basic of roles, Kim Kardashian attracts attention, negative or otherwise, in a way that makes people want to say something. All those blogs and magazines and news sites don’t talking here Kim Kardashian because they care about her, they do it because you care about her, and the disappointed remarks you leave and the links you anger-share on your Facebook page do nothing to construct that less true.

I don’t give a good goddamn if she ever loses a bit of her popularity, but if that’s a thing you’d like to actively participate in bringing about, simply shutting the fuck up and running about your day when faced with news about her would go a long way toward inducing that happen.

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