The papers: IS chief dead and diabetes ‘epidemic’

Image caption The Scotsman is one of several papers to focus on the death of IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a raid by US forces in Syria. The paper says Donald Trump launched a “scathing” attack on his Nato partners following the raid and renewed a threat to “drop” captured Islamic State fighters in the UK, France and Germany.
Image caption The Times outlines Baghdadi’s final moments, as described by Mr Trump. The paper calls the death a “powerful retort” to critics of Mr Trump’s foreign policy and suggests he will “lean heavily” on it during his 2020 re-election campaign.
Image caption The Daily Express borrows another quote from Mr Trump, saying the IS leader, 48, died “like a coward” by detonating his suicide vest.
Image caption The Daily Star tells how al-Baghdadi used the suicide vest to kill himself, three of his children and two of his wives after being cornered by US troops in a Syrian cave.
Image caption Elsewhere, The Daily Mail leads with health campaigners warning that Scotland is facing a “diabetes time bomb” with an average of 44 people being diagnosed with the condition every day. It says sufferers can put a huge strain on the NHS if the condition is not controlled by diet and drugs.
Image caption The Herald focuses on a report by the former head of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency who says Scotland’s preparations to protect its natural environment after Brexit are “inadequate”. Professor Campbell Gemmell says urgent action is needed to avoid environmental “devastation”.
Image caption The Daily Record has an interview with a man who tells how he was sexually abused by former Celtic Boys’ Club boss Jim Torbett in the 1960s. Gordon Woods says he was never good enough to play for the club but was told by Torbett to keep coming to training “for the simple reason that I’d be a sitting duck for his predatory behaviour”.
Image caption The National leads with Nicola Sturgeon saying that the demand for a second Scottish independence referendum will be at the centre of the SNP’s campaign at a forthcoming snap general election. The first minister made the comment as she set out why her party was backing a new poll on 9 December.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph predicts that a December general election looks “most likely”. Its front page also features a relaxed-looking Queen in a picture from a new book by royal aide, Angela Kelly. Ms Kelly says that the Queen asked to say the line “good evening, Mr Bond” in her film sequence with 007 star Daniel Craig for the 2012 Olympics.
Image caption The Courier’s Angus ad Dundee edition speaks to a farmer who tells of his “terrifying ordeal” after he approached illegal hare coursers and they threatened to burn his farm down. The farmer says in the past year he has had to treat 15 sheep who have been attacked by dogs used by the poachers.

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