The most popular trends and tweets on Twitter in 2016


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History will remember or choose to forget a lot about 2016, and much of that will live forever archived on Twitter.

The top trends of the year ranged from the Olympics to Game of Thrones, covering everything in between from the Brexit to #BlackLivesMatter. Celebrities, movies, GIFs and challenges paint a picture of the 2016 in danger of drowning but looking firmly in the other direction.

Here are Twitter’s top 10 trending topics in 2016:

  1. #Rio2016

  2. #Election2016

  3. #PokemonGo

  4. #Euro2016

  5. #Oscars

  6. #Brexit

  7. #Blacklivesmatter

  8. #Trump

  9. #RIP

  10. #GameofThrones

The top global retweets came from YouTuber Rubiu5’s giveaway, a cheeky Harry Styles, and from Hillary Clinton after her election concession speech.

It was another huge year for musicians on Twitter, with musical artists eight of the top 10 most followed celebrities.

  1. Katy Perry

  2. Justin Bieber

  3. Taylor Swift

  4. Rihanna

  5. Lady Gaga

  6. Ellen DeGeneres

  7. Justin Timberlake

  8. Kim Kardashian West

  9. Britney Spears

  10. Selena Gomez

The top retweeted musical artists were both former One Direction members: Harry Styles, with his Taylor Swift lyrics, and Louis Tomlinson celebrating the birth of his son.

Top Trending Challenges:

  1. #MannequinChallenge

  2. #SoGoneChallenge

  3. #RunningManChallenge

  4. #HuhChallenge

  5. #TrustFallChallenge

The highest trending TV shows were Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy, with a list rounded out by international sensations like Big Brother Brasil and the South Korean drama Descendants of the Sun.

  1. #GameOfThrones (Game of Thrones)

  2. #TheWalkingDead (The Walking Dead)

  3. #GreysAnatomy (Greys Anatomy)

  4. #DescendantsOfTheSun (Descendants of the Sun)

  5. #MasterChefbr (Masterchef Brasil)

  6. #OITNB (Orange is the New Black)

  7. #StrangerThings (Stranger Things)

  8. #Empire (Empire)

  9. #TheVoice (The Voice)

  10. #Bbb16 (Big Brother Brasil)

Science fiction and major franchises ruled the movie trends, led by Star Wars, Suicide Squad and Deadpool, and including family films like Finding Dory and Zootopia.

  1. #StarWars (Star Wars)

  2. #SuicideSquad (Suicide Squad)

  3. #Deadpool (Deadpool)

  4. #HarryPotter (Harry Potter)

  5. #Batmanvsuperman (Batman vs Superman)

  6. #CaptainAmericaCivilWar (Captain America Civil War)

  7. #FindingDory (Finding Dory)

  8. #TheRevenant (The Revenant)

  9. #Zootopia (Zootopia)

  10. #Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters)

So when you remember 2016, remember what we learned, but also remember the weird videos and GIFs we made in the process. Top videos:

Top GIFs:

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