The Kardashians Are Said To Be Planning ANOTHER Intervention For Rob Kardashian Following His Devastating Diabetes Diagnosis


UPDATE 7:30 P.M. EST: Sources tell E! that the Kardashians are not planning an intervention for Rob:

“There is no planned intervention… Rob lives at his own place. He has for a while. And yes he is basically a shut-in, but that’s now new. Has been for a long time, that is not news. He doesn’t like being seen in public and limits his social life as such.”

The Kardashians refuse to give up on Rob Kardashian.

For three years, the Kardashians have repeatedly tried to intervene in Rob’s declining health to no avail. From rehabs to personal trainers, the clan has done almost EVERYTHING in their power to help Kris Jenner‘s only son. Now that Rob was recently diagnosed with diabetes, the pressure to help R.K. has reached it’s peak.

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Sadly, the family’s fears are compounded by insider info which reveal the sock mogul isn’t as worried as he should be about his health. While Rob has agreed to “follow-up doctors’ appointments” and is now taking “medication to control his blood sugar”, it might not be enough at this point.

A source said of the situation:

“They’re planning on doing an intervention with him. He’s detached himself from everyone. Nobody knows what’s going on with him until it’s too late.”

Yikes. What a sad situation all around.

Based off Kardashian’s previous reactions to his family’s concerns, we’re not sure how this latest attempt will go. Hopefully the 28-year-old will listen to reason.

Do YOU think this latest intervention will work?

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