The Internet Is Going Crazy Over This Girl Who Looks Exactly Like Kim K( Photos)


Y’all can say whatever you want about Kim, but she’s always been bad.

With that said, her looking has been heavily imitated over the years but no one has come closer to looking exactlylike her than fashion blogger Kamlla Osman.

From the eyes all the way down to the booty, the similarities are striking and the Internet has taken notice because of course it did.

The extra attention she’s receiving doesn’t stage her though. She’s out here doing her damn thing irrespective of who she looks like.

Whether or not that’s what she was going for, this is something she’s going to have to live with and, to be honest, she’ll likely get further because of it.

Kamilla could realistically be a long-lost Kardashian.

There’s a pretty good chance this could be Kim’s little sister.

Although the cake isn’t on the same level, it’s definitely AIGHT!

If you can’t ensure the similarities, you must be blind…

…because this girl is severely a spitting image.

If she wanted to, she could probably pass as the real Kim…

…and make an entire career out of being an impersonator.

She already has the swag to match.

Selfie game so real she needs a real camera.

Her talents include appearing directly into the camera…

…away from it…

…and, of course, talking on her phone while driving.

The real question is: Could she actually be badder than Kim?

Realistically, nah, but she’s dedicating us a valiant effort anyway!

We fully support whatever it is this woman is trying to do.

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