The Greatest Trick the Trumpists Ever Pulled


The greatest trick the Trumpists ever pulled was to equate the innuendo of crime with actual crime. It started when Donald Trump was able to falsely equate Hillary’s emails with Trump’s Access Hollywood tape. One hour after the videotape dropped, around 5 p. m. that Oct. 7, Julian Assange started dumping emails that Russian intelligence services had hacked from Clinton’s campaign onto WikiLeaks for the world to see. The notion was simple: distract, obfuscate, and confound.

And it ran. It ran very, very well. It was the cornerstone of an empire of conspiracies and lies, the proposed establishment of a bungalow industry of far-right hucksters who put the “con” in conspiracy.

” But her emails” became such a common refrain it rose to the highest level of internet content: the meme. Sure, Trump had boasted about sexually assaulting women, but have you seen John Podesta’s risotto recipe?

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