The European Music Festival You Probably Didn’t Know About But Need To Go To


There are plenty of pretty great festivals available in Europe these days, if you can tear yourself away from the tradition of the classic British few.

But the toughest part is picking which one. Do you go for one of the one in anamazing far away location with great views for instagram and memory-making, but an obscure line-up of small bands you’ve never heard of? Or one with a stellar lineup of bands you’ve been dying to see all year but isn’t anywhere that exciting (cough Glastonbury cough)?

Now, bear with me here, but I have a suggestion for one that’s the closest you’ll get to doing all of the above: Sziget.

Here’s why it’ looking like a great option for summer 2016:

1. The line-up is pretty insane

The top four have to be Rihanna, Muse, Sia and David Guetta – but there are quite literally hundreds of acts playing over the seven day long festival. No biggie. Other exciting acts playing are Sum 41, Bastille, Sigur Ros, Kaiser Chiefs, Tinie Tempah, and Bloc Party.

And I didn’t even mention Jess Glynne, Zedd, and Bullet for My Valentine yet. If you’re into more obscure bands, check out the lineup, because odds are you probably know a few of the (roughly) 350 bands playing.

2. It’s in Budapest, Hungary

There’s music to fit most tastes; it’s also, you know,not in rainy muddy England. And it’s not even like Budapest is a consolation prize in comparison to England – it’s a hot, beautiful place to spend 7 days of your summer, regardless of whether you’re going to a music festival.

Flights to Budapest are actually pretty cheap, and in theory you’ll be camping – or glamping – so you don’t even need to worry about a hotel, and everything is notoriously cheap in Budapest, so going to this festival works out as a pretty great holiday.

It’s seven days long, so on the days you don’t fancy the acts playing you can head out of the festival and explore Budapest.

3. It’s not that expensive.

It’s basically the same as going on a European holiday except you get the joy of seeing loads of cool live music while you get a tan.

For269 (213.10) you get all seven days of Sziget wonderfullness, including shower facilities and basic camping. I would like to politely point out that Glastonbury tickets are more expensive at 228. Just saying.

You can also upgrade to glamping, prepitched tents, VIP camping (cleaner toilets, presumably) and even caravan camping, if basic tents and shower aren’t your style. You could probably even AirBnB somewhere nearby if you were really desperate.

Flights come in at about 180, plus money for food and drink would probably round off the whole thing at about 550/600 depending on your drinking habits.


Just going to leave these here.

Just to reiterate, it’s called ‘Sziget’ and you should probably go.

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