The Dark Side Of Celebrity: Chris Pratt Wont Star In A Movie Unless You Pay Him Money


Chris Pratt seems like a friendly guy on screen, but persistent rumors suggest that theres a darker side to Hollywoods favorite leading man.

According to numerous reports, the Jurassic World superstar insists on being paid for every movie he appears in, and allegedly wont even show up to a situate unless producers are willing to bribe him with cold, hard cash. If this is true, it seems that Pratts affable public persona is a lie.

If Chris Pratt wants to save his career , it is high time to do a serious mea culpa; however, the actor has yet to issue a statement. If the most recent rumor is true, hes doubling down on his craven avarice and demanding tens of millions to appear in the Jurassic World sequel. Sad to say, but it looks like it was possible to time to look for a new favorite actor.

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