The Best Kendall + Kylie x Revolve Swimsuits To Convince People You’re An Instagram Model


The sisters that we love to hate are back at it again. Kendall and Kylie Jenner have teamed up with our favorite clothing site, Revolve (duh) to create an exclusive swimsuit collection youre bound to fall in love with. At this point, Im really not sure if this is just another way for the two to make more money than I ever will in my lifetime or, to make up for the fact that their vintage T-shirt line kind of just backfired on them??? If someone was making money off of shirts that consisted of their face plastered across my dead sons without my permission, Id be pissed, too. Since everyone, including Americas most talked about fam, deserves a second chance, these bathing suits will (hopefully) redeem their actions. From neon bikinis to cut-out one pieces, the designs are actually worth splurging on. Here are the best ones you just have to admit are really fucking cute.

1. Kendall + Kylie x Revolve Cut Out Bikini Set

Honestly, you can never hate a simple black bikini. This classic style features slutty cut-out bottoms with a cheeky fit, so because the belfie queen, aka Kylie, helped design it, you know your butt will def look amazing. With full coverage on top, you wont have to worry about a nip slip or flashing the entire family beachit comes with two hooks for gods sake. Just make sure to do the Bambi pose for triple-digit likes on your next beach Insta.

2. Kendall + Kylie x Revolve Cutout One Piece

Literally, Im so obsessed with this and Im not even the biggest fan of one pieces. This black and white combo comes with an open front and back cut-out for an edgy, modern twist. The two halves are held together by chic rings so youll probs get weird circular tan shapes but, dont worry. Those are only temporary. This swimsuit would look fab if worn with high-waisted shorts before heading out to the bar.

3. Kendall + Kylie x Revolve USA One Piece

Kendall says this red number is her favorite. Its v ideal for patriotic shenanigans to make America drunk again. The one piece comes with a cheeky fit and low back so your beach Insta will def be on point. It has a lot of Baywatch vibes but, youll look hot, obviously, so just go with it.

4. Kendall + Kylie x Revolve Colorblock Bikini Set

Im so happy this style isnt over with yet because its still my (and Kylies) favorite. The bright pink color will make your tan look even darker when standing next to all your pale friends. The set features a removable strapped bikini top that makes your best features really pop, and a high-waisted bottom to hide your muffin top so that you pass for a possible Instagram model.

5. Kendall + Kylie x Revolve Mesh One Piece

This v sexual one piece def makes you look like a hot surfer girl, even though youve never been on a surfboard and your sober coordination is about the same as when youre blackout. Like, same. But, its the thought that counts, right? A for effort. The black one piece comes with mesh siding so you look super skinny athletic, and a partially adjustable frontal zipperhow scandalous. Ugh, love that.

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