The best congratulations memes to tell your friends they did their best


Congratulating someone can be a beautiful thing. The sentiment often comes with certain accomplishments such as getting married, graduating from high school, and having a child. However, congratulations can also come off as sarcastic. Just look at DJ Khaled as one of the prime examples of how congratulating someone can be used against them.

So, in honor of congratulations and its multiple uses and meaning, we’ve chosen the best congratulations memes. Congrats to you lovers of memes.

Here are the 20 best congratulations memes

1) When you get congratulated for being a terrible person with a letter full of glitter

Image via bestgameever/Facebook

2) When Barack and Michelle Obama congratulate you on your marriage

Image via textpostfeminism/Instagram

3) When you work in retail and have to hear someone say “congratulations, you just lost yourself a customer”

Image via retailprobz/Instagram

4) When K-S20 congratulates you for being rescued

Image via queen.of.jakku/Instagram

5) When you get congratulated for being grounded

Image via Meanwhile in Australia


6) When you get congratulated for graduation but have to pay a fine to get your diploma

Image via hoodratchetness/Instagram

7) When you crash a bachelorette party and have to congratulate the bachelorette
Image via Kardashian Memes

8) When all your friends congratulate you because they truly want to see you succeed

Image via A-Kun/Facebook

9) When you congratulate your ex-husband’s new marriage by crashing your car into his house

Image via westafrikanman/Instagram

10) When people congratulate your friend for using the bathroom for the first time

Image via Spongebobmemory/Twitter


11) When you get congratulated for reading

12) When the nurse congratulates you on your baby but you don’t wanna see them

Image via How I Met Your Mother/Instagram

13) When you get congratulated for helping the Krusty Krab earn its one-millionth dollar but you don’t win 

14) When you have to decide the right age to tell someone congratulations when they get pregnant

Image via Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen/Facebook

15) When you get congratulated for your first check but you also learn about what taxes are too

Image via moist.tumblr/Instagram

16) When your cake really says it all

Image via Imgur

17) When your mailman is the first to congratulate you on getting your diploma…By bending it

Image via memelif3/Instagram


18) When you congratulate your professor for playing themselves

Imae via betches/Instagram

19) When you wrote the hit song “Congratulations” but you also dress like a cowboy
Image via daquan/Instagram

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