The “Panda Kindergarten” Event Has To Be The Cutest Thing That Ever Happened


* Warning* – Adorable baby panda alert.

Yes fluffy Asian animal lovers, today is your lucky day. This week several baby giant panda’s were introduced to the public as part of the start of their “panda kindergarten” at Chengdu Research Centre.

That is about as cute as it sounds.

OK, so the panda’s aren’t exactly learning the alphabet and playing sleeping lions but the kindergarten is a place where the smallest babies can play with their peers and be specially looked after.

(Side note: how creepy are newborn giant baby pandas?)

And it just so happens that 2015 has been an excellent year for giant pandas. 15 panda’s – including six sets of twins… twin baby pandas, what could be better! – were born at the centre this year . This may not seem like many, but is actually very successful in the giant panda world as females only ovulate for a very short amount of time.

This, combined with illegal hunting, means that Giant Panda’s are very endangered with

Just try out some ‘netflix and chill’ guys, and you might make a few more giant panda babies next year…

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