The 10 Best Degree Subjects For Getting A Job


It’s getting around to the time of the year – thousands of you will be about to sit your finals, before graduating and heading into the world of work.

So reading this article may be about to make you realise that all those years spent at university were definitely worth it… or maybe not. Swallow hard, and take a look, and if you’re procrastinating right now, it’s probably best you got back to the books:

10. Engineering

Engineering is all about change, and there is plenty of change happening around us. Some kind of engineering has been happening outside my office window for the past two years. The good news is 85.4% of engineering graduates found employment within 6 months.

9. Historical and Philosophical Studies

It may not be an obvious one, but 85.4% of all graduates in historical and philosophical studies landed a job or further study within 6 months of finishing. You see, the past can be the future.

8. Languages

When you travel as a Brit – you quickly realise how rubbish we are at languages. There is a definite need out there, with 86% employment rate for language graduates.

7. Mathematical Sciences

I’ve not studied it – but I’d image it’s bloomin’ hard work. Well, at least the hard work pays off, 86.5% of Graduates foundemployment quickly.

6. Biological Sciences

You could turn yourself into a superhero… or you could be just as easily get a job.87.1% of graduates find work within the first 6 months.

5. Law

No surprise here.88.6% of Graduates found employment after completing their Law Degree. I wonder how many actually turn to crime…

4. Subjects Allied to Medicine

People often get sick, so medicine is a no brainer, and medicine doesn’t work without people like nurses and midwives. An impressive 91.8% of students were able to quickly find work, after graduating.

3. VeterinaryScience

I love my cat. Just getting it out there. So I’m glad that some of you guys have decided to dedicate your time to looking after our animal pals when they get sick. A whopping 91.9% of veterinary science grads get jobs once they’ve put in their seven years uni service.

2. Education

Teaching is a seriously noble career, and 92.6% of grads will get a job with a education degree. That means a lot of holiday, but also endless hours working with naughty children.

1. Medicine and Dentistry

A pretty predictable number one – who would spend five years at uni, if they didn’t want to be a Dr – but still an employment rate of 99.4% is pretty whopping!

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