Texas Mother Proudly Shows Off Her Stretch Marks In Lingerie Shoot In Order To Empower Other Women


Having insecurities about your appearance is hardly uncommon in today’s world. In fact, if you claim to not be self-consciousness about at least one part of your body, well, congratulations, because you’re probably the only one, and you’d probably save a lot of the time and money that the rest of us spend trying to enhance our appearance which is a plus and you’d be infinitely happier.

However, even if you’re currently at the depths of your despair because you’re unhappy with the way you look, let me tell you this – you can learn to love yourself and your “imperfections”. This was certainly the case for Texas-born part-time model Talmesha Jones. There was a time when 27-year-old Talmesha could hardly look herself in the mirror without wallowing in sorrow, and now she has come to embrace her body entirely. Despite being a conventionally attractive young woman, Talmesha has confessed to being extremely self-conscious about her stretch marks which she got five years ago after the birth of her son Chase.

“It made me very self-conscious,” she said. “I didn’t like to look at myself in the mirror. When I did, I would just cry and sob about it. I would continuously suck my stomach in or like stretch my skin out.”

Talmesha’s confidence received a huge knock after she received a torrent of online abuse about her physical appearance and in particular the stretch marks on her lower belly.

“I mean the nastiest thing anyone has ever said to me would be, ‘Why does your stomach look like that?’ – I think that one really hurts the most because it’s like I have a son you know? So how dare you,” she confessed.

Talmesha now refers to her stretch marks as her “tiger stripes” and is fiercely proud of them.

“Being pregnant, it changed my body a lot,” Talmesha explained. “It resulted in me getting stretch marks, wrinkles, and extra skin. The stretch marks are pretty much everywhere now.”

So how did Talmesha go from despising her postnatal appearance to wanting to showcase her stretch marks in all their glory all over Instagram? Well, her photographer friend persuaded her to take part in a photo shoot years after she had given birth and this was the push she needed to boost her confidence once again. Talmesha decided “enough was enough” and agreed to model for the photo shoot. She even started her own hashtag, “Tiger Stripes on a Tuesday”, on the popular photo-sharing app.

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