Taylor Swift’s Director Goes IN On The Kardashians Like No One Has Before


Dear Lord people, this Taylor Swift vs. Kanye West wildfire looks like it’ll be blazing on for weeks before it’s finally put out — and we’re loving every minute of it.

By now you know the narrative, and if you don’t, please train yourself.

Because last night T-Swift’s music video director, Joseph Kahn, went full-on beast mode at the Kardashians.

I mean, this guy must be seriously hurting. It wasn’t a random gibe tweeted by any old hater. This was a targeted and systematic assault by a man who has somemajorclout behind him.

Joseph let the initial dust settle before leap in and tweeting this:

Straight in with OJ. And then again:

Then he threw in thesex videotape for good measure:

Wow. We all want to be in Mr. Kahn’s squad; this little firecracker is more loyal than a 9-year-old Labrador.Joseph? More like broseph.

So where does this leave the whole Kimye-Tay feud? Well, a whole lot messier than when it began on Monday morning.

If you’re coming into this fresh, then prepare to fall out of love with Taylor Swift.

The leaked telephone call completely obliterates her character and constructs the vocalist look like a massive liar. Here’s a breakdown on the convo between Tay and Kanye leaked by Kim in a series of Snapchats.

But a huge question mark hangs over the whole thing, and the more people look into it the more skeptical we’re becoming.

Was the whole thing a setup ?~ ATAGEND The world is ablaze with chatter about Swift and the Kardashians, but don’t forget that these guys are professional media players, and we’d be foolishto thinkglobal publicityisn’t exactly what they wanted all along.

Think about that.

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