Sweepstakes To Be Trump’s ‘Special Guest’ At An Event Gets A Frosty Reception


A prize to be President Donald Trump’s “special guest” at a reception in Pennsylvania was not well-received on Twitter Wednesday.

The Republican National Committee tweeted a link to the sweepstakes on Trump’s official website:

To enter, people are asked to donate money to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee (or they can use this link contained within the small print to enter without funding the president’s war chest).

The sole winner of the prize, which is valued at $3,000, will “receive round-trip transportation and accommodation” to the Feb. 21 reception. The winner will also be allowed to pose for a photograph with POTUS. Although it’s unclear exactly where the event will be held, Trump will be in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, for a campaign-style rally that day.

Unsurprisingly, the “sweepstakes” received a chilly reception online:

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