Suri Cruise turns 10 and she looks all grown up


Here’s something that will make you feel old: Suri Cruise is 10!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s daughter celebrated double digits on Monday and Katie shared a piece of artwork she made — or perhaps the two made together — on Instagram.

“So grateful for my favorite day of the year!!!!!!” the 37-year-old actress captioned the pic. “Happy Birthday to my sweet angel Suri”

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It’s been a decade since the world first got a look at Suri, bundled up in Cruise’s coat, on the cover of Vanity Fair in October 2006. “She has Kate’s lips and eyes,” Tom said in the pages of the magazine. “I think she looks like Kate.” Katie chimed in, “I think she has Tom’s eyes. I think she looks like Tom.”

Over the years, a lot has changed — the couple once infamously known as TomKat divorced in 2012, for one — and Suri certainly hasn’t lived the life of a typical little girl, all paparazzi and Scientology scandals considered.

But in rare public appearances, we’ve seen Suri grow up before our eyes.

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Now, Suri is all grown up and really is the spitting image of her mom. From the looks of it, she seems to be a lovely and well-rounded young lady, too. Not an easy feat when you are the most famous celebrity child of all time.

Happy birthday, Suri!

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