Stranger Waits For Broke Mom To Look Away At Doctor Office, Then Hands Her Son A Note With $100


Melissa Simms, a mom of five from Pell City, Alabama, saw herself in a tough bind at the doctor’s office.

Not only was Melissa depleted and stressed, but she and her husband Caleb were operating low on funds. Melissa underwent several surgeries that drained their bank account, and the couple had to split the last 10 bucks they had in their pockets for gas money.She didn’t even know how her family would feed that night.

Later that day, Melissa and one of her sons went to the doctor for her follow-up appointment. When Melissa arrived at the doctor’s office, she learned her co-pay was more expensive than she had originally thought and she didn’t have enough money to encompas it.

Clearly panicked and unsure of what to do, Melissa had to see the doctor regardless, so she left her son in the waiting room.

With his mother out of sight, Trey was astonished when another female patient approached him. She handed him a sealed envelope and told him to give it to his mother.

When Melissa returned, Trey handed her the envelope. She couldn’t believe what she found inside and the mysterious stranger was gone…


Facebook/ Melissa Simms

Melissa Simms, a mom of five, was not having a good day.

She was scheduled for a doctor’s appointment, following up on a series of surgeries she’s had in the last two years.

Facebook/ Melissa Simms

Her son Trey was home sick from school that day, and accompanied her to the doctor’s appointment.

Earlier that morning, Melissa and her husband Caleb split between them their last $10 at the time.

It wasn’t untilMelissa got to the doctor’s office that she realized she didn’t haveenough money for her co-payment.

Melissa was in a panic, but went in for her follow-up.


Facebook/ Melissa Simms

WhileTrywas sitting in the waiting room, a woman approached him with an envelope and told him to hand it to his mother.

After the appointment, Melissa opened the envelope and pulled out a handwritten note.


The note read 😛 TAGEND

Ive had days like you are having today. Hang in there. Joshua 1:9

The woman also slipped a $100 bill into the envelope.

“I dont know what she looks like, I dont well known name, but I hope I get to meet her to say thank you, ” Melissa told WBRC News.

She wrote about her experience on Facebook, and it quickly went viral.

Melissa said the Good Samaritan’s deed not only helped her pay for her doctor’s visit and for dinner with the kids that night but it also devoted her a renewed sense of faith.

Joshua 1:9, the stranger’s quoted scripture reads 😛 TAGEND Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go . Good

Facebook/ Melissa Simms

Its the kindest thing thats ever been done, said Melissa.

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I thank this woman. I would love to refund it and to pay it forward one day, just like she did.”

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