Stinky Fingers? Girl Pulls The Most Disgusting Prank Ever


Let’s not beat around the bush… no woman has ever prided herself on having a smelly fanny.

In fact most people, whether they’re proud owners of a trouser python or a lady garden, see the upkeep of intimate hygiene as pretty important.

This girl must be pretty pleased with her own ‘home brand’ scent, because we can think of literally no reason – other than wanting to validate her douching skills – why she’d want to flaunt her stinky fingers in front of unsuspecting shoppers.

Nipping into the loos of an American shopping mall, somewhere deep in WTFs-ville, she proclaims to the camera, “I’m just going to finger myself” – nice.

But no, it’s not even the start of some budget porno, it’s a deranged take on a social experiment that actually does nothing for society, other than gross out the poor guys she tricked into smelling her juice.

How did she even come up with this idea? What is the camera person getting out of this? Is she just looking for a femfresh sponsorship deal…

Imagine if a guycovered his fingers in spunk and asked women to trial out his own tipex or something.

Not cool, lady.


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