Stephen Colbert Calls Out ‘Coward’ Donald Trump For Refusing To Return To The Late Show!


He may look like an orange anus… but he’s actually just a chicken!

That is, at least according to Stephen Colbert, who’s currently ripping into Donald Trump for refusing to do another episode of The Late Show.

As you may remember, the CBS host was decidedly/rightfully harsher on the racist Republican during his first late night appearance than any of his other competitors.

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Well, unfortunately for fans of good journalism, Stephen’s pretty sure the negative press has turned Trump away from ever coming back!

The former Colbert Report star stopped by Sirius XM‘s The Bill Carter Interview on Thursday where he flat-out called the Presidential candidate a coward, lamenting:

“I don’t regret the [first episode.] I regret that that’s probably the only bite I’m going to get at that apple. I would ask him, but it is clear that Donald Trump is a coward cause he won’t come back on the show He’s a chicken!”


Take notes, Jimmy Fallon — this is how you treat someone as awful as Donald Trump!

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With that said, Stephen actually defended his NBC counterpart in the very same interview, saying:

“I think the host has this obligation: to be honest with their audience. And you have to go with your honest instincts. My honest instinct is to ask at least one question of some kind of substance with your guest. Every host’s responsibility is to be honest with themselves and with their audience about the kind of show that they do. So I fault no host who acts consistently and honestly. And I know what [Fallon did], but I didn’t actually see it. But I don’t entirely understand the furor about it.”

We guess that’s fair…

Think of the bright side, though: at least that’s one less platform on which for Trump to preach his backwards politics!

P.S. Don’t worry, he’s still an orange anus as well.

[Image via CBS.]

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