Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Reunite for an RNC Special to Take Down Trump


The Daily Show chums got together for a special live edition of The Late Show during the course of its Republican National Convention. And it was worth the wait.


Stephen Colbert returned to his television slapstick roots Monday night, resurrecting his eponymous know-nothing pundit character and even mixing it up with a gray-bearded, skinnier-than-we-recall Jon Stewart in the first of his week of live broadcasts lampooning Donald Trumps Republican National Convention.

Assuming the persona of Stephen Colbert, the bloviating Bill OReilly-esque star of The Colbert Reportthat he disposed 18 months ago where reference is departed Comedy Central for CBS, he explored the meaning of Trumpiness.

Hello, nation! Did you miss me? I know I did, he began. Nation, right now, Americans are angry, confused and lashing out randomlyand thats just the Republican nominee.

And in a videotaped sketch concerning his attempt to explain how Trump got the nomination, Colbert went on a trek to find Stewart, his former boss and mentor atThe Daily Show, and detected him living in a remote cabin in the timbers and wearing a ratty bathrobe while making a batch of canned jerky.

The premise was that Stewart, once the brilliant political satirist, is now out of touch and uninformed, believing that Jeb Bush is the GOP standard-bearera circumstance that allows him to perform a full-frontal spit-take in Colberts face( and for Colbert to return the favor later on) when each informs the other that the nominee is the egomaniacal reality present mogul and serial bankruptcy-filer.

The guy whose eyes look like tiny versions of his mouth? Stewart asks.

Yes. The guy who looks like an angry creamsicle, Colbert answers.

Decomposing jack-o-lantern.

Human toupee-hybrid

The guy who wrote, and I quote, Oftentimes, when I was sleeping with one of the top women in the world, I would say to myself, Can you believe what I am getting? That guy?

Yes. The same guy who said, and I quote, I have black guys counting my money. I detest it. The only guys I want counting my money are short guys who wear yarmulkes all day

By the style, we wear them all night, too.

This was clever and funColbert at his subversive best, though perhaps not the sort of amusement designed to appeal to the Real America in the middle of the country, to say nothing of the delegates in Cleveland, where, in another taped bit, Colbert pranced around the convention floor in the Quicken Loan Arena in character as the blue-turbaned, stuffed weasel-cradling emcee of his recurring Hungry for Power Games sketch.

At one point, Colbert ascended to the pulpit to make a nutty speech before being whisked offstage by what appeared to be an actor playing a Secret services agent.

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