Sorry Feminists, But If The Wage Gap Exists, How Do Women Afford All Those Nice Soaps?


I consider myself a supporter of womens equality, but I cant help but be upset when women get up in arms over a total nonissue. Chief among these chimeras is the supposed wage gap, a feminist lie that suggests women only make a percentage of what men attain in the workplace. Im sorry, but thats frankly untrue. Because if the wage gap exists, how do females afford all those nice soaps?

Ive heard that tired statistic over and over again: Women only attain 78 percent of what men earn. Yet somehow, these so-called second-class citizens still have the money to buy those soaps with the fruit in their own homes. This is hard evidence that you cant dismis, and its period we all acknowledged the wage gap for what it is: a myth.

Yes, females used to be compensated unfairly, but that was decades ago. Nowadays, every woman who buys one of those sparkly soap balls that look like candy is living evidence that females have not only reached the glass ceiling, but also smashed right through it.

Social justice warriors, I defy you to take a smell of any soap females are buying and then tell me you still think theyre an oppressed group.

This isnt misogyny. These are facts. Im simply noticing that whenever feminists cry wolf about the wage gap, they conveniently fail to mention any of the following soaps:

The oatmeal soaps that females buy that look like theyre filled with bugs
The soaps Ive seen that come from perhaps Jamaica that are shaped like starfish
The soaps that look like but likely arent actually peanut butter


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