Someone Made A Beautiful Tribute To GOT’s Latest Fallen Character


Warning: major spoilers! If you haven’t watched The Battle of the Bastards, then for the love of God turn back now! You’re about to stumble upon a major spoiler, and we don’t want to ruin one of the greatest GOT episodes of all time!

Okay. If you have watched it, then you’ll know that the bastard who emerged triumphant was Jon, and that Ramsay Bolton was killed. By his own dogs, no less.

Now, while most of us are pleased about this, and enjoyed seeing the despicably evil Ramsay get what was coming to him, there’s at least one person who’s sad to see him go.

Piyush Sharma has made an incredibly emotional tribute video to Ramsay, the true Warden of the North.

It’s wonderfully ironic. Check it out here:

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