Some Geniuses Have Photoshopped Linda Destroying ISIS And ItaEUR( tm) s Astounding


It’s hours like this that everyone pulls together. We’re united in our shared disdain for commuting through capitals and the ever-looming threat of terrorismis always on the back of our minds.

Never mind, though. Linda’s got it. Remember?

She wasn’t lying. With a little assistance from Photoshop, people have been capturing her in a whole plethora of scenarios where she’s rescuing us from those extremists. Have a looksie 😛 TAGEND

It’s even got her name on it! This one has to be our favourite…

She’s obliviously saving the western world from terrorists via edited scenes, a Twitter account has been set up to help combat the threats and it’s something else…

We salute you, Linda. You brave, brave girl. Keep on truckin’!

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