Skywriting Spells Out ‘Trump Is Disgusting’ In Super-Obvious Statement


Revelers attending the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, got a special treat when a message in the clouds reminded everyone that Donald Trump is the worst.

“America is great! Trump is disgusting. Anybody but Trump” the skywriting read, referring to the 2016 GOP presidential front-runner. Witness on Twitter told five or six aircrafts appeared to write the message, though it’s has still not been clear who the culprits were.

Although we don’t know why the skywriters find Trump “disgusting, ” we’ve compiled some possible reasons for the sentiment 😛 TAGEND

– He called for a “complete shutdown” of all Muslims coming to the U.S. and to keep a database of the ones already here.

– A former KKK Grand Wizard called Trump a “net positive” for racists everywhere.

– Trump believes sexual assault in the military should be expected, and generally just doesn’t seem to care for women.

– His vocabulary largely consists of using the words “weak, ” “tough” and “loser.”

Oh, and America’s greatest symbol of liberty assaulted him.

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