Shut down Twitter, because Amber Rose has coined history’s greatest hashtag


First off, if you missed Wednesday’s Twitter beef between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, go ahead and catch up. We’ll wait.

Anyway, West induced the mistake of bringing both Khalifas ex-wife Amber Rose and son Sebastian Thomaz into the rant, and from that point we only knew it was a matter of time until Rose clapped back.

When she ultimately did, it wasn’t only a tweet. It was a tweet that birthed one of the best hashtags in social media history.

And of course everyone has been running with it.

Granted, Roses tweet was meant as an insult, which isnt cooltheres nothing wrong with buttplay, dudesbut West definitely had that coming and shouldve known Super Saiyan Muva was coming for that ass. Anyways, let this be a lesson to everyone who ever thinks its a good idea to cross Amber Rose: Its not.

Photo via amberrose/ Instagram

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