Ship’s anchor severs Jersey’s undersea internet cables – BBC News

Image caption Government owned JT is the main internet and home phone operator in Jersey

A ship dragging its anchor on the seabed in the English Channel has cut the three main internet cables to the Channel Islands overnight.

Broadband speeds are expected to be slower as a result and telecom company JT said it could take up to a week to repair.

The company said engineers have already been dispatched to repair the cables.

All communications traffic from JT, the main operator in Jersey, is going through a single link to France.

‘Exceptionally unlucky’

JT says insurance will cover the cost of repairs and if they are able to track the ship then the owners insurance will pay for the work.

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Daragh McDermott, Director of Corporate Affairs for JT, said: “With all traffic now using this connection, customers may notice some impact on services.

“It is exceptionally unlucky and unprecedented for three submarine cables to the UK to be cut in the same day.”

A spokesman for Jersey’s second largest telecom provider, Sure, says they are also having problems and there are likely to be issues with off island phone calls.

Mr McDermott said repairing the cable would be a “tricky tricky job” involving engineers going out in heavy winds to remove the cables from the sea and splice them back together.

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