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Does Naomi Campbell have a fashionable ax to grind against Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner?

The ’90s supermodel has been putting up some extremely specifically timed throwbacks on her social media that fans are calling out as shade against today’s fashion icons.

Are they right?

More importantly, is she right to be doing it??

Here’s what we’re talking about:

On Saturday Kylie decided to show off her young billionaire status with a look befitting a do-it-yourself, pulled up by the bootstraps success story: diamond sunglasses.

Diamonds are forever. Diamond sunglasses are until you forget them at Starbucks after setting them on the counter while digging through your purse. / (c) Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Then on Monday, just two days later Naomi posted this hot throwback pic in which she is ALSO rocking diamond shades.

(Shades — we see what you did there, gurl!)

The future’s so bright, she’s gotta throw shade. / (c) Naomi Campbell/Instagram

Can y’all even see through those things?

Anyway, did she just happen to post this? Unlikely.

The pic isn’t recent. She didn’t just take it over the weekend. Diamond sunglasses aren’t the new thing this spring. (Though if you’ve got ’em, we guess…)

The photo is from a runway appearance way back in 1994! So she had to go through her catalogue to find it.

Also, it’s not even a #TBT or a #FBF — because it isn’t Thursday or Friday!

Video: This Wouldn’t Be The First Shade Thrown At Kylie

Well, it turns out this wasn’t the first time she’s done this!

Back on March 5, Kim posted a pic of the look she recently wore to Paris, a head to toe leopard print bodysuit with matching gloves and shoes, writing:

“You don’t understand…this is an Alaia”

(If you saw it you already know what we’re talking about, LOLz!)

Three leopards died for this outfit. Sorry, we mean they died when they SAW it. / (c) Kim Kardashian/Instagram

And wouldn’t you know it, two days later Naomi posted a throwback pic from way back in 1991 in which she was ALSO wearing a full leopard print look.

A leopard print never changes its spots. / (c) Naomi Campbell/Instagram

Note the designer tagged? Yup. It’s also an Alaia. Guess she does understand.

So it seems like Naomi is totally showing the world how the Kardashians are biting her look right?

And doing it subtly, not with outright claims but just by posting the receipts?

Apparently there will be no shortage of ammunition for this running jabfest, as Kim HAS been copying looks worn years before by Naomi! One fan found quite a few after the whole leopard print thing…

So Naomi’s message is getting through, right? Well…

There is reason to believe she doesn’t have anything against the KarJenners. See, Naomi and Kim are actually friendly…

Are Naomi Campbell and Kim friends… or frenemies? Luv ya! / (c) Naomi Campbell/Instagram

But as we know, you can totally shade your friends!

However, maybe she’s just posting the pics to sort of give her stamp of approval?

Like, hey I like that look! I love it so much I once wore something similar?? Hmm…

So what do YOU think she’s doing, Perezcious readers? Shade? Or no shade??

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[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/Phil Lewis/WENN.]

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