Consider a company that only hires people deemed ‘unemployable.’


Looking for run can be a nightmare.

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Looking for work with a criminal record? Even worse.

There are a lot of employers who won’t even consider person with a prior misdemeanour sentence. And in the United States, there are an estimated 12 million people with those.

12 million people. That’s so many. But for those who have done their period and wish to rebuild their lives, where the heck are they supposed to start?

There may be a chore open in Lawrence, Kansas.

It’s at a place called Sun Cedar, and they will only hire you if you’re a reformed felon or a retrieving addict or homeless. Essentially, if you’ve been deemed as “unemployable” in today’s workforce, you’re simply who they are looking for.

It’s various kinds of genius.

Shine Adams is the brain behind it. After his friend was released from prison and wasn’t able to land a chore, Adams came up with a answer.

It only consisted of three things:

Cedar timber scraps A cellar A friend attempting run


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