Scott Baio Hand-Picked by a Desperate Trump to Speak at His D-List RNC


The former sitcom starring joins fellow VH1 dating show subject Antonio Sabato Jr. as an unlikely speaker at this year’s Republican National Convention. “>

He had promised an all-star collect of wins the likes of which youd ever seen, name-dropping -Alist luminaries such as the Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger, as well as decorated coach-and-fours Mike Ditka and Bobby Knight.

And he gave us Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Scott Baio.

Yes, on Saturday nights edition of the Fox News program Justice with Judge Jeanine , Baio announced that hed been personally selected by presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to speak at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. And, judging by Baios description of the hasty invite, it seems not only that hes been in part supporting Trump for the subsequent media exposure hes received, beaming over the amount of interviews hes conducted since his endorsement, but also that Trump is desperately scrambling for any sort of celebrity cachet he can inject into his stale RNC lineup.

Its been fantastic, Judge. It started with you, and from that Ive get so much time to talk about Donald Trump, a man that I believe in, and Ive done I dont know how many interviews, and radio, and publish, and things like that, said Baio. I was at a fundraiser for Mr. Trump the other night with my spouse, and he invited me to speak at the conventionwhich was completely unexpected and out of left field. I entail, he had given a speech and he was walking out and I looked at him and I said, Mr. Trump, Scott Baio, and he said, Oh my deity! And he said to me, Do you want to speak? and I said, Here? and he goes, No , no, at the convention! And I ran, Ugh ookay , and we ran inside the house where the fundraiser was.

Baio, who made a name for himself starring as ladies man Chachi on the sitcom Happy Days and its spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi , and later as the title character on Charles in Charge , claimed hell be speaking Monday night at around 8 oclock, adding, I dont know exactly what it is that Im talkin about[ at the convention ].

In addition to endorsing Trump, Baio has in recent months taken to Twitter to feud with teens on his desired POTUSs behalf( his Twitter avatar is a photo of him dedicating the thumbs-up with Trump ), is securely in the #AllLivesMatter camp, has insinuated that President Obama is a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer who wants to totally eliminate the United States, and likes to post photos of himself wearing Trumps face on his feet.

Hes also tweeted a meme calling Trumps opponent Hillary Clinton a cunt, and back in April earned himself some conservative talk-show hits where reference is tweeted out a photo of a Starbucks cup with the name Trump scrawled on it, claiming that the barista refused to call out the name on the cupwhich apparently led to some sort of altercation between Baio and barista. Totally normal behavior.

Baio has, quite conveniently, generated a lot more publicity for himself since to intervene in the Trump train. Prior to that, his career had gone cold. His last TV role was in the Nickelodeon series See Dad Run , which was canceled in 2014, and the last Hollywood film he starred in was 2004 s Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 , which received a score of 9 on Metacritic, with The Wall street Journal calling it unspeakably ghastly, as well as the distinction of being the No. 3 worst-rated movie in IMDb historybehind the Turkish action flick Code Name: K.O.Z . and Kirk Camerons Saving Christmas .

The addition of Baio means that Trumps so-called celebrity speakers at the RNC will include two former VH1 reality show hostsBaio starred in Scott Baio Is 45 and Single , while Sabato, Jr. appeared in the dating rivalry My Antonio , where a group of women vied for the heart of the ex-model. It will also include Natalie Gulbis, who in 2015 was the 363 rd -ranked female golfer in the world and appeared on the second season of Trumps reality rivalry series Celebrity Apprentice , as well as UFC President Dana White.

Aside from his reality show bona fide, Baio also seems to share Trumps misogynistic opinions towards women. In a 2007 interview with Howard Sterna platform that Trump used to litter the looks of several of the most famous women in the world, including Beyonc, Kim Kardashian, and Angelina JolieBaio boasted about his numerous female conquerings, grading them on how well they performed in bed, and was recognized that hed slept with less attractive women as a route of charity, or in his terms: dedicating back.

I wish that people could fulfill Donald Trump. I really do, said Baio during his recent Judge Jeanine appearance. Hes such a regular guy, and every time Ive been with him and talked with him, hes a guy hes only a guy who is very successful. And thats one of the things I hope will connect with millions of Americans.

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