Sanders amends definition of poor to include abuse by police


Neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders seems to enjoy appearing on Fox News, but both candidates made an appearance at Bret Baier’s #DemTownHall Monday night. The timing was good for Sanders, as it gave him an opportunity to clarify his claim that “white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor.” On the contrary, President Obama’s administration has made immense strides in acquaintingall races ofpeople what it’s like to be poor.

Sanders reflexively claimed that no one has talked more about poverty than he has, and introduced a sort of formula to clarify his statement. That is, white people do understand poverty, but to be truly poor, you need to couple that lack of money with a sense of desperation and the continual threat posed by whitepolice officers.

What is it that is so appealing to Democrat voters about thatcampaign strategy?Emphasize the tens of millions living in poverty after seven years of a Democratic administration, and then run as a Democrat.

Would you just let the man pander for votes?

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