Samantha Bee Torches Trump with Her Own Leaked Tape


Before any other late-night hosts could get there, Samantha Bee rushed out a parody of Trump’s leaked tape. “>

If Bill Maher thought he would get the first crack at Donald Trumps lewd video from 2005, in which he brags about sexually assaulting women, he was wrong. Full Frontal host Samantha Bee beat him to it with a video released on Twitter Friday evening in which she can be heard fantasizing about mens balls while riding her own campaign bus.

Just like to reach up there and grab em, Bee says in the video. I have kind of access to mens balls. Later she adds, Look at the nutsack on that guy. Like to make a hat out of those balls. Look at those clackers, huh?

Moments later, the show released its own non-apology from Bee that directly mocked the Trump campaigns brief statement, in which he defended his locker room banter and said he was sorry if anyone was offended. In Bees version, the conversation about testicles was classic girl talk that should have flattered the men she was describing.

Whether or not this leaked tape really does mark the end of Donald Trumps presidential campaign, it will definitely provide ample fodder for late-night TVat least until Sundays debate.

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