Ryan Lochte Will Soon Star In Cough Drop Commercials And He’s So Pumped


Its been a rough couple weeks for Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

He got caught in his own web of lies after a night out in Rio with his teammates, andits only been downhill from there. His career has taken a huge hit.

Four of his biggest sponsors, including Speedo and Ralph Lauren, even dumped his lying ass.

But things are looking up for Lochte. It was announced Thursday that he scored an endorsement fromPine Bros. throat lozenges. Of course, this is a win after his only other sponsorship opportunity came from a $10 tie company.

Despite the mess hes in, Pine Bros. CEO Rider McDowell still has hope for Lochte. He said in a press release,

We all make mistakes, but theyre rarely given front-page scrutiny. Hes a great guy who has done incredible work with charities. Im confident that Pine Bros. fans will support our decision to give Ryan a second chance.

Well be seeing Lochte again in commercial and print ads for the throat lozenge company soon enough.

We cant wait to see him in these cough drop ads, and he cant wait to be in them. Lochte expressed his appreciation in this tweet. Im sure at this point, hes stoked aboutany deal.

It will be interesting to see how his career will turn out after all this.

Ralph Lauren and Speedo certainly make more sense as sponsors than Pine Bros., but hey Lochte probably has to take whatever he can get right now, especially since hes probably losing a lot of money too.

On top of that, he could also be facing serious charges for what he did worst case scenario being 18 months in Brazilian prison. Yikes.

Moral of the story: dont lie, people!

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