Rise Of Potential ‘Human Trafficking’ Posters In Schools Spark Police Warnings


When we are desperate for money, we will resort to doing anything to make a quick buck. Fortunately, the most I’ve ever done to make cash quickly is sell a load of old books that my and I family no longer wanted.

Some people respond to advertisements for easy to get jobs when they’re in need of a quick buck. But often the makers of these ads are simply trying to prey on their need for cash and use them for their own sick purposes… The advert above reads:

Make a bazillion dollars traveling the world! Set up an interview today! Summer work, no experience necessary. $17.25/hr to start. Text for info.

Adverts which sound like they’re too good to be true are often scams aiming to dupe unsuspecting people into giving them their money for nothing in return. However, some adverts are a great deal more sinister, and they are created by human traffickers as a way to get their hands on their newest victims… One woman from Wichita, Kansas has posted pictures of these ads on the internet in a bid to get those who are interested in whatever they offer to take it with a pinch of salt. Danielle Thompson is on a one-woman mission to stop human traffickers. According to Thompson, there are several signs you should look out for when considering an offer printed on an ad.

“Be cautious of any sign offering only a number. Online ads geared at part time travel and babysitting work, or make some quick cash just send two photos. [Traffickers] use every bit of info you give them to target you or your children.  Many are enticing young people to make extra cash, so please if you or your teenagers are looking for work, advise them to be extremely cautious and teach them how to define the red flags.”

As you can tell, Thompson is especially concerned that kids and young adults will willingly accept everything they read and get in contact with the makers of the ad without taking proper precautions. In an even more disturbing turn of events, ads from human traffickers were found in a Michigan High school… In June 2017, these sorts of advertisements were hung up around Vassar High School in Michigan. In light of this, the Vassar Police Department have gotten involved, stating that they “discourage anyone from contacting businesses or person’s who advertise for ‘help wanted’ in this fashion.” The signs and adverts are written in such a way so that they sound tempting to the young people that they are aimed at. However, it is not just young people that need to be aware of the potential risks involved in responding to such ads, parents are also generally ignorant about the fact that this is a method being used to lure kids into a life of slavery. The National Human Trafficking Center states that these kinds of adverts are usually associated with hospitality, travel and agricultural industries. According to a report on ABC12, the traffickers are “companies who employ individuals ‘under the table’, and offer wages and bonuses for unobtainable goals set for the employee. The promised wage or bonus is rarely paid, and employees are left with little or no recourse.” These types of signs and ads predominantly target those who are looking for babysitting jobs, however, they also tend to pounce on aspiring models and circus workers. Human trafficking has become a very worrying trend over the years. In fact, close to 21 million people worldwide have been made victims of this horrific crime. That is why everyone should be extremely cautious when responding to adverts of this nature if they are interested in whatever is being offered. If the only contact information available is a phone number, stay well away!

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