Republicans return to familiar posture during Trump’s week of drama


( CNN) President Donald Trump may be facing one of the toughest weeks of his presidency, but on Capitol Hill, the avalanche of news also forced Republicans into a familiar posture — dodging, weaving and downplaying — as the party bracings for the midterm elections and hopes the President’s drama won’t dog them at the polls.

“I’m sorry I don’t find any deeper meaning in this, ” Sen. John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, told reporters Wednesday when asked about the Cohen and Manafort news. “Certainly it’s a distraction. That’s a factual statement.”

It’s a position familiar in the foyers of the Capitol, where beyond an occasional voicing of “concern, ” the vast majority of elected Republican rarely enter the waters that the President, often of his own accord( and more often still, through his Twitter account) has churned into a rip current. The reasons quoth publicly scope from lack of information, interest or belief that the elected official who results their party genuinely means what he says.


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