Republican Are Very Upset That American Sniper Star Bradley Cooper Is at the DNC


The actor received an Oscar nod for his portrait of the late sniper Chris Kyle, a right-wing icon, so his presence at the DNC irked a bunch of silly bastards who guess movies are real. “>

The first kind-of movie star were supposed to see is the guy from Duck Dynasty . Well, thats great, but I entail, thats not exactly Bradley Cooper.

That was CBS Newss veteran political analyst Bob Schieffer last week mocking Donald Trumps D-list RNCan event that was initially sold to the American populace as a super-classy, star-studded soiree( Tom Brady! Ben Roethlisberger !), but aimed up more closely resembling an episode of The Surreal Life , with Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato Jr ., and the aforementioned homophobic mouth-breather from Duck Dynasty serving as the celeb guests of honor.

So, when the DNC rolled into Philly with its dance card of Lena Dunham, America Ferrera, Alicia Keys, and our greatest living performer, Meryl fucking Streep, many Trumpsters had sour grapes, knocking the event for running Hollywooddespite the fact that the RNC urgently tried to attract -Alisters and failed, Trump is a former reality star, Republican God Ronald Reagan an ex-Hollywood performer, you get the picture.

Enter Bradley Cooper. During Wednesday nights edition of the DNC, the cameras constantly cut over to the hunky, Oscar-nominated actorand his glorious hiatus-beardseated next to his current girlfriend, Russian model Irina Shayk. Despite Trumps terrifyingly close ties to her mother country, there was Shayk taking in the proceedings. But it wasnt Shayk who Trumpsters took issue withit was Cooper. Many Twitter users detonation the Hangover superstar( and Philadelphia native) after discovering that he is, in fact, a Democrat. The spate of online vitriol built Coopers name one of the top trending topics on Twitter.

You see, many Republican were under the impression that Bradley Cooper bled red because of his riveting turn as the late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle in the blockbuster movie American Sniper . Kyle, aka The Devil of Ramadi, is a conservative icon, and since the movie was directed by none other than Clint Eastwoodyou know, the fella who stole the display at the last RNC by talking to an empty chairit stood to reason that Cooper was a Republican, too.

First off, kids: Movies are not real . TV depicts arent, either. Bradley Cooper also played an anti-Semite who ends up in a body bracing after trying to suck his own dick on Nip/ Tuck , but Id venture to guess this does not resemble “the mens” IRL. Also, while not the most outspoken performer in the world when it comes to politics, Cooper is a longtime Democrat, having donated some shekels to Hillary Clintons presidential campaign in 2008, and orchestrated POTUSs Obamacare-promoting appearance on his pal Zach Galifianakiss program Between Two Ferns .

There is, it should be noted, a degree of political bias in Hollywood. Stars on the right like Jon Voight, Clint Eastwood, and Gary Sinise often find themselves the subject of ridicule for their political notions, while other high-profile Republican like Adam Sandler and Vince Vaughn rarely speak out because of it.

But Bradley Cooperand that beardis with her.

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