Rep. who asks Hillary about Bill’s past labeled a ‘heckler’ and ‘disrupter’ [video]


“Heckler disrupts” is how the Washington Post describeda woman asking Hillary Clintona question about Bill Clinton at a town hall meeting today. New Hampshire State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien simply wanted to ask Mrs. Clinton about allegations against Bill. Her questions werepromptly ignoredby Clinton, and then she was labeled a “heckler” by reporters.

And as per usual, the headline ended up being “Clinton confronts GOP heckler.”

What incredible leadership skills shown by Clinton to stand up to someone asking a question. Of course, Clinton had the crowd, the venue and security all helping her “get firm.”


Here’s a clip from the “heckler.”

As she employs Bill to the campaign trail, Hillary better get used to these questions because they aren’t going anywhere.

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