Reese’s Is Making A Reese’s Stuffed With Reese’s Because Reese’s…I Mean, Reasons


Its official: Reese’s may or may not be stuffing Reese’s with more Reese’s.

Are you drooling on yourself trying to figure that out? Pause. Back it up.

Apparently, Hershey Company, which owns and distributes your fav chocolate-covered peanut butter cups along with tons of other waist enlargement products, has been acting like a total dick tease online when it comes to a potential revamp of Reese’s, or, at least, some sort of candy explosion special edition of the product.

A picture has circulated online of your average Reese’s cup STUFFED WITH REESE’S PIECES. So, to break it down, thatd be a peanut butter chocolate cup which, upon being bitten into, would release a tidal wave of M&M-type peanut butter chocolate candies into your mouth.

This Matrix-like development may or may not be happening. In an email to Eater, a Reeses spokesperson only said, Fucking tease.

Reese’s has no chill. Rumors are swirling that this shit could COULD hit shelves as early as July, just in time to celebrate ‘MURICA and its two horrendous presidential candidates. Heres to eating enough candy to give ourselves diabetes and die before one of them gets elected!

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