Rebel Wilson Hits Back At 1D Fans Who Accused Her Of” Sexually Assaulting” Harry Styles

While climbing on top of Harry Styles was part of a sketch in which Rebel Wilsonplayed an obsessed One Direction fan, obsessed One Direction fans didn’t quite see the funny side .

According to the Pitch Perfect actress, her- apparently all too real- portrait of someone in love with Harry Styles didn’t get the best responsefromfans of the band.

They accused Rebel of “sexually assaulting” Harry, and sent her death threats…

As Rebel explained, she tried to reason with the super-fans 😛 TAGEND

“Were simply, like, two professional entertainers having a good time. And he truly enjoyed it, and I told them that on Twitter and then, they just sent me more death threats.”

Luckily, as a comedian, Rebel didn’t take the threats too much to heart … You can watch her tell her side of the story here 😛 TAGEND

Image Credits: The Mirror,

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