Rebel Wilson Accuses Kardashians Of Launching Smear Campaign Against Her


After dissing the Kardashians on an Australian radio show, Rebel Wilson seems to think that the family enlisted their publicist to launch a “smear campaign” against her, which further goes to show that Wilson doesn’t understand how the entertainment industry (and entertainment media) really works. 

You see, only 2 or maybe 3 million people tune in to watch the Kardashians on their long-running reality show each week, but hundreds of millions more follow the family on social media. (Seriously, just short of 200 million people collectively follow Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie on Instagram — and that’s not even counting those who follow their parents Kris and Caitlyn Jenner.) Of course, not all of those people are fans (or even probably real people), but it’s rather the aggressive contempt for the family that has actually made them as famous as they are today. 

So when Wilson says she resents the Kardashians because they represent everything she’s against, since they’re “not famous for talent,” of course those remarks catch on like wildfire. Everyone loves a celebrity feud and the Internet loves it when someone rips on the Kardashians — most of their popularity and continued ability to dominate pop culture can be attributed to hate clicks. And because it’s 2015, Wilson’s comments naturally sparked the obvious think piece pointing out that hating on Kim Kardashian’s sex tape roots is just plain old slut-shaming and really shows a lack of understanding for how the entire entertainment industry works — but that’s not a smear campaign. 

And when the radio hosts had an opportunity to ask Oprah — someone who has actually interviewed the Kardashians and is the high priestess of media — about Wilson’s comments, thy leapt at the chance. Obviously the media is eager to propel the idea that there’s a celebrity feud brewing, again not a smear campaign.

That brings us to Wilson’s tweets on Wednesday:

While we’d love to see any one of the Kardashians or Jenners take Wilson up on that debate offer (because it would be hilarious), the idea that there’s any kind of smear campaign against her comes across as simply paranoid. 

People love to complain that there’s no shortage of attention paid to the Kardashians (many of whom also seem to think there’s some sort of conspiracy going on with news outlets being paid off to write about them), but it’s those same people who are hate-clicking on the endless stories about the family that are actually ensuring their continued popularity and existence — not some sort of sponsorship. 

So you see Rebel Wilson, there’s no smear campaign against you, the media is just more than happy to capitalize on all those hate-clicks. It was really nice that you sent flowers, though. 

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