‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: 27 Fugly-Ass Dresses


2 episodes in, only 8 more to go until sweet freedom from this horrible show that has consumed me for far too long. Lord sweet baby Jesus, expel these demons away from my television. Bring back and let me regain my legitimacy in this world. Amen. Have I mentioned Im Jewish, byeeeee.


The girls are still trying to figure out who the fuck made this amazingly designed game. Ali suggests that it could be Jenna but the girls immediately shut that down because Jenna lives in a world of never-ending darkness. Truly, we lasted a two full seconds before the word blind came up. A round of applause for everyone involved!

Ali is like well someone sold Jenna a firearm! and its like girl, this is America. Every person has a right to a gun! Not their own body, but a firearm! God bless!

Hanna is very angsty rn. Han eat a snickers girl, youre not yourself when youre hungry.

Emilys like why does it feel like were still in high school!? Well, because you live with your parents, you have no friends except high school ones, you live in the same shitty town and uh, you literally work at the high school. Idk just throwin ideas out there.

Emily is like fuck this Im out. Im not playing this game! and storms out in her clich lesbo combat boots. Hanna pulls a Troy Bolton and is like we need to all be in this together! Go wildcats!

A reporter comes to Ezras house to ask about Ezra being reunited with his long-lost fiance. Aria flips her fucking shit and started screaming they are not getting married! Ever! YOU ARE FAKE NEWS! spreading LIES after decrease in ratings! Sad!

Paige and Emily are talking in the locker room about Ali and their weird lesbo love triangle they have going on. Because the best place to talk about that kind of stuff is a changing room for little girls.

Some bitchy girl with a monotone voice is there listening to basically everything. Because again, shes a student who actually goes there. Emily, after being highly inappropriate at work, decides to confront said bitchy girl, named Addison.

Like honestly these girls act like they would burst into flames if they had a shred of professionalism. Emilys more concerned about an eyebrow raise from a 14-year-old than the serial killer out to torture them. #Priorities

If A turns out to be this pubescent fucking girl I am burning the Freeform studios to the fucking ground.

Spencer comes home and says her Dad has been avoiding her because they can only afford him for 3 episodes. Spencer is pissed because her Dad is a fuckboy and Spencers mom is like its hard for him. Im sure it is.

SPENCERS MOM: But your dad is popular


Mona went through Hannas closet and offered dresses to the senators daughter. Im convinced she is the reincarnation of ever overbearing Jewish mom ever.

Mona picks out a fugly-ass dress and Hanna flips out, saying that the Senators daughter cant wear that dress. Mostly because it looks like a prom dress that a girl from a trailer park would wear.

Emily decides to confront the bitchy locker room girl, round 2. She is like you cut practice yesterday! This is the fertility vase of the Ndebele tribe! Doesnt that mean anything to you? She kicks Addison off the lineup for the swim meet and in the distance you can hear me yelling pick your battles!

Ali and Em continue to talk about personal matters at school, and of course, Addison overhears them. Like, go to the teachers lounge. Emily gives Ali a very touchy hug, filled with gentle caresses and all, and of course you know that lil bitch Addi is taking photos.

The police chief/gardener from comes over because he loves Spencer and he noticed that her roses out front are starting to prune. She tells him shes Mary Drakes daughter because her Dad cheated, etc. Nothing gets his dick harder than enforcing the law and girls with daddy issues.

Hanna is still freaking out over that fugly dress. Apparently Claudia helped her design the dress so its not fully hers. Shes hesitant to promote it but Caleb is like pish posh! Whats the worst that can happen?!


Addison tells Paige that shes uncomfortable around Emily, because come on, shes a lesbian. There are going to be girls in their bathing suits there. Then her mom called Addisons mom. It was so retarded.

Side note, how can anyone take this Addison girl seriously when shes wearing a purple cardigan that was ripped off the back of the nearest librarian? Like oooooh, tough shit Addison. Whats next? You going to exploit someone while wearing clogs?

Anyway, Addison tells Paige that Emilys lesbian ways freak her out and that she touches the girls legs. She shows Paige a picture of Em pushing back Alis hair and threatens to go to the Principal. Paige manages to control her lesbian hulk PAIGE MAD PAIGE SMASH urges and says shell handle it.

Aria goes to see Holden to get her wedding menu done, even though the groom is like MIA. But thats neither here nor there.

Holden decides to recruit her to cook with him because hes busy. Thats like a doctor being like hey random unqualified person, this is going to be a hard surgery. How about you put on some gloves and lend a hand? Im sure this is exactly what his clients paid forArias dumb ass handling their gourmet food.

She takes off her engagement ring to help cook, which like, bad idea.

MY BOYFRIEND WHO WALKED BY THE TV FOR .3 SECONDS: That ring is going to get stolen.

Ya heard it here first, folks!

Apparently Aria told Holden all of her problems because they are talking about her and Ezra. Like damn, didnt you two just reunite last week? Like how long did it take Holden to catch up on this bullshit?

Holden is low-key team Ezra and asks if Arias been 100% honest with him. Hes all were not that same as we were in high school and shes like, “see heres the thing about that.”

Paige shows Emily the photo Addison took and Emily goes batshit, per usual. She wants to confront the girl again, because that seems to be working out for her so far.

Paige is like hey guess what drama follows Ali everywhere she goes and I think we can all agree that would have been a more effective name for this show. Paige decides to supervise practice to see what the other teammates say about Emilys aggressive lesbian tendencies.

Detective Gardener is showing Spencer a bunch of bullshit about MD, who Spencer supposedly loves now. Suddenly, Jennas blind ass comes strolling in. They make her cane sound like a fucking omen. Like the shark from is about to attack at any point.

Jennas like I can hear Spencer breathe. Hello Spencer. Tbt to when Jenna shot her. #memories HAGS never change!

Also like, isnt this bitch supposed to be cuffed? The detective is like hey Jenna, how was being a fugitive? Take a seat. Can I get you anything? Condoms? A snack? God you make me feel young again.

Jenna starts telling some sob story about how Noel took advantage of her and forced her to be his partner. And Jenna would know all about taking advantage. Shes tried to practically rape her brother like 10 times on this show.

According to Jenna, Charlotte had a lot of money and apparently some was supposed to go to Jenna and Noel. Idk, some dumb shit. Apparently Noel was MC Hammer broke and really needed that shit. Its super hard being A on a budget.

JENNA: Crying


Jenna sounds so fake rn. Shes like you should believe me because reason 1: Im blind, reason #2:


Spencer goes to tell Aria about Jenna at the police station while Aria is still working in the kitchen. Like damn girl, you own the place now? Just inviting for friends over for fucking girl time? Arent you on the clock?

Spencer tells Aria that she wants to get to know Mary and forgive her. Like dafaq is this? Spencer, youre soft AF.

Emily sees Jenna and the other 3 blind mice in the coffee shop they all damn near live at. Jenna sends a text message to someone at the same time Addison, who is sitting nearby, receives a text message. In Emilys junior college mind, there is no other explanation for this, they must be working together.

Spencers parents decided to sell their house because Rosewood sucks. Yeah, I said it. Spencer is like THIS HOME FEELS DIFFERENT NOW. Fuuuuuucking dramatic much?

Spencers mom gives these whole speech about family and love and Spencer is not having it. Whatever, Im over Spencers whining. If I wanted to hear a girl with hideous bangs bitch about their family problems I would go hang out at my local Supercuts.

Aria gets sent an article of Ezra and Nicole cuddling and being reunited. She storms out of the kitchen and Holdens like “omg this is so awkward.”

Mona and Hanna are discussing the fashion stuff at the Radley, the worlds most chic mental hospital. Of course, we hear the cane in the distance and we all know Jenna is coming in to fuck shit up. And what do you know, shes wearing Hannas dress design in white.

Mona confronts her about the dress and Jenna is like, suddenly, I cant speak. What, you mute too, bitch? Mona turns to Hanna asks WTF and Hanna dips out.

Emily wants to break into Spencers house to play the game, like all friends do. She thinks Addison is a pawn in As game. Ali gently reminds her that Addison is a little kid and its like, and? A has been trying to kill yall for years. Suddenly a kid is involved and theyre like wow this is so wrong.

Emily is worried that if she doesnt play the game then shell have to tell the principal she didnt finish college. But like, youre a swim coach. Is there a degree requirement for that? Besides, you went to a JC. Its not like they have high standards. 

Alis like “ugh k,” and hands over the keys to Spencers house. Why does Ali have a key to Spencers house? How many lesbians are on this show? Am I watching a rerun of again?

Caleb and Hanna are spying on Jenna and sees that she sends her blind posse into the building where Hannas shoes are getting repaired. Usually when I say this is the blind leading the blind Im talking about my drunk ass trying to take care of my drunk friends. Leave it to Freeform to make it literal.

Why is Jenna wearing an evening gown in the day time? And why would you even want that dress? I have so many questions.

Hanna goes into the abandoned shoe shop while Caleb, like the macho man he his, makes threats to the local disabled girl. She goes in to find her shoes and she suddenly gets locked in a cage? Does this place double as an animal shelter, I mean really.

Emily and Ali go to the game and find out Emilys piece has been moved. Theyre like how could this have happened? and its like, uh arent you the two who broke in here to begin with? Do I need to explain this to you more thoroughly?

The game shows them that Addison was actually getting high with her boyfriend while skipping practice. Where did they find this video of me from high school? Looks like her cardigan isnt the only think thats purple in her life! Get it?! Ill see myself out.

Aria goes to see Nicole and has some candy in her hand. What is she going to do, poison her? One day in the kitchen and suddenly this bitch is already comfortable spiking the food. Before she can go in, Holden is there and stops her.

HOLDEN: Dont do this

ARIA: *on her way to commit a felony* literally never tell me what to do

Back to Han who is filming the next R. Kelly “Trapped in the Closet” video at this shoe shop. Shes stuck in a cage and suddenly all the machines come on. She starts having a PTSD flashback to that time she was tortured and starts yelling for help.

She just kinda sits there and then A texts her. Okay, wait. She had her phone on her the whole time and didnt call anyone? Did you PTSD suddenly make you unable to use your fucking thumbs?

Caleb comes in and gets her, while she just sits there in a catatonic state. Overall, lame show by A. Would not recommend to a friend.

Emily goes to confront Addison and starts yelling at her about how she was bullied and do you think its cool to do alcohol and drugs and other lame shit. Someone get this bitch a Xanax stat.

Paige comes in and is like WOW there is a lot happening rn. Paige says that an email was sent from Addison bragging about how she framed Emily. Addison swears she didnt send that email, because shes 15 and literally has no need for email ever, but Paige tells her shes already in trouble.

We all know A be sending dem emails.

Holden apparently does stop Aria from doing something dumb and instead distracts her with pizza. He must have confused her with Hanna. He tells Aria to stop acting like a fucking psycho and give Ezra time. Holden seems great. Cant wait for him to die or become A.

Emily gets a puzzle piece put in her staff locker and its like, damn A can you just fucking tell us shit? Gotta play all these games. A tells her in order to win the game she has to be bad and its like, are you hitting on me rn?

The girls put together parts of the puzzle and find that the puzzle is a map out of Rosewood. Even A is like, “damn yall need to leave.”

Overall, wack episode. Waste of all of our time, tbh. Ill tune in next week though a) because I get paid to do so and b) Holden. K bye!

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