Pop Cultures Worst Person of the Year


The worst people of 2015 in popular culture include a 9/11 fabulist, a sadistic dentist, and a sitcom papa accused of serial rape. But one blowhard stood coif and shoulders above the rest.

Bob Dylan, the renowned curmudgeon/ wordsmith, once described popular culture as like the unbroken sea of frost that lay outside the window and you had to have awkward footgear to walk on it.

Well, for those working of us willing to slap on a pair of snowshoes and brave the Taylor Swiftian terrain, there was plenty to kudo this year in the arena of pop culture.

Max: Fury Road and Creed thrilled with their grit and splendour, challenging racisms about movie reboots; Adele shattered the album charts with her operatic ice cream-inducing contralto; and two of our finest late-night cowboys, David Letterman and Jon Stewart, rode off into the sundown. Oh, and lest we forget, this glorious photo of Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer riding a airplane ski.

There was also plenty to loathe. Kim Kardashian released a coffee table volume full of selfies, precious Chipotle is now more tainted than Lil Waynes urine, and, ugh, that goddamn dress. But these were mere peccadilloes compared to the work of the following moral cripples.

10. Walter Palmer

7. Steve Rannazzisi

6. Josh Duggar

2. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Donald Trump is the Great Divider, and without question, the worst person in popular culture of 2015.

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