Pledge to end smoking in England by 2030

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The government is pledging to end smoking in England by 2030 as part of a range of measures to tackle the causes of preventable ill health.

Promoting physical activity, developing guidelines on sleep and targeting those in danger of being diabetes are also set out as priorities in the green newspaper.

The policy document aims to reduce the number of years spent in poor health.

Currently men and women spend over a fifth of their lives in ill health – 19 years for women and 16 for men.

Those in deprived regions experience the longest periods of poor health.

The green newspaper, which will now be consulted on, proposes a number of ways of tackling this.

They include 😛 TAGEND Ensuring any smoker admitted to hospital automatically gets offered help to quit Extending tooth brushing schemes in nurseries and primary and secondary schools Reviewing the evidence on sleep and health with a view to developing clear national guidance on daily recommended hours of sleep Encouraging “active play” such as skipping in nurseries and more travel by bike and on foot Doubling funding for the diabetes prevention programme which targets lifestyle support to those most at risk of developing type 2 diabetes Clearer calorie labelling in cafes, eateries and takeaways A forbid on junk food advertising before 21:00 Banning the sale of energy drinks to children Image caption The paper has not proposed extending the sugar tax to milkshakes


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