Pizza Hut Employee Lights Up Trio of Armed Robbery Suspects. 1 Dead. [VIDEO]


It may surprise you to learn that delivery drivers accounted for 759 fatal work-related accidents out of 4,609 back in 2011 due to how often they get robbed. People will call and order a delivery only to wait for the driver to comes along to hold them up, which is why many drivers don’t carry more than a set monetary amount on them while on the job. This didn’t eliminate the problem altogether, but it did lower the amount of drivers being robbed while on the job. Just because the drivers are getting the worst of things doesn’t necessarily mean the store workers are safe either though, because we all know robberies happen.

One Pizza Hut employee from Charlotte, North Carolina was finishing closing up and cleaning the store one Sunday evening when three armed robbers entered. Noticing the brandished weapons the three men were carrying this guy whipped out his personal pistol and opened fire, killing one and causing the remaining two to flee. Michael Renard Grace was pronounced dead on scene the moment the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police arrived, though remaining two suspects fled on foot and are still at large.


The fact that the local residents aren’t surprised by this turn of events should speak volumes for the status of our country’s citizens. People are tired, poor and beaten down to the point of no return, they don’t see any options available to them outside of crime to support themselves and their families. Even if he was an armed robber that was a man with a past who could have also had a future where he put this behind him. That’s not to say the store worker had done anything wrong in the slightest, but more to point out the loss of life due to money. It may not seem worth it, but when you get desperately hungry enough it will.

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