Photoshop Fail Of The Week: Just Say No To Facetune* Betches


Hi everyone! I’m glad you all liked the GIF from last week’s fail, but keep in mind that only runs if I can find the original, unedited photo. Sooo, if you find a Photoshop Fail that’s posted from an event, let me know and I can grab the original pap photo to do that with! For personal photos, we never get to see the originals. Boo.

For this week’s Photoshop Fail, we’re actually to discuss why Facetune is awful, and you should not use it. Seriously, stop saying that. It’s a scary, scary place. I mean, merely refrain from employing it if you want to look like a human person as opposed to a creature from Alien v Predator .

Look, he doesn’t have a nose either!

A regular Photoshop/ Facetune cautionary narrative, Kim Kardashian simply posted this 馃槢 TAGEND

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by North West

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@ kimkardashian) on Jul 2, 2019 at 11:16 am PDT

Let’s just look at these faces close up.

Who is this person? Is she aware her lips are 1/4 of her entire face AND incredibly lopsided? Is this the epic fail of a surgeon? God, I hope not. You can also ensure a slice of her lip cutting into the skin above it? Also, it looks like her snout has been sliced horizontally across? Like, the bridge doesn’t match the rest of it? Not to mention, it’s a teeny tiny little non-nose? And her eyes are pulled at a strange angle, like she’s recently had a very bad face lift( huge potential, tbh ).

Now let’s get to Kim.

Miss KKW herself, appearing as plastic as ever. In addition to being able to her scary scalp texture, she looks like she has blowup doll lips? I know this woman has had a lot of work done, but yikes. Also, she didn’t give herself a crazy eye lift, but she definitely induced her eyes larger and sparkly, and in it, accidentally streaked her eye scalp in a super strange line. In fact, they all have scary sparkly eyes. What is with that edit? I’m not sure what she’s done to her snout, but not only is it jutting out at an abnormal angle, she’s somehow managed to make it look like three bulbous sections? Like when they teach you to draw mounds in elementary school?

But it gets more concerning still.

WHO is this poor lady? What did North do to her?( Apparently North was the photographer .) Her lips, especially that top lip, are soooo crooked and warped. She has no bow or indent in her lip, it’s literally simply a big hunk of top lip. Her eyes are all angles, again like a bad face lift. And her smile line on the right side is WAY too far from her lips, like she’s The Joker. And somehow, her earring on her right side was blended INSIDE of her cheekbone? It looks like she’s pierced a hoop earring into her cheek? And the other side her face/ neck and the earring have now become one.

But most offensively, this woman’s nose as been reduced to a rectangle. Apparently she’s waiting to audition for Bob’s Burgers .

I genuinely don’t understand the sparkly eye Factune edit; it never looks natural. It’s like that bad Snapchat filter. All these women are seriously posting pics like this, believing it’s attractive 馃槢 TAGEND

For the most part, it doesn’t seem like their bodies were super warped, more only that they garmented in flattering outfits( ALWAYS the way to go ). Except for this 馃槢 TAGEND

Kim devoted herself a scary tiny bicep that pales in comparison to her huge forearm. Yes, some of it is perspective. But the blur indicates a little of Kim’s skintone OUTSIDE of the arm too. It’s a scary little limb that reminds me of that guy from Scary Movie .

Another Photoshop Fail for Kim Kardashian, you go Kim Kardashian! But genuinely, simply please delete Facetune, you are scaring the children.

Images: Instagram (@ kimkardashian ); Giphy( 3 )

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